Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015 The Toilet

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She thought and smiled. “I’m afraid that she’ll worry.”

Yan Rusheng smiled, feeling comforted. “You’re becoming more sensible.”

“Su Yue.”

Bai Jing had returned. She was holding a takeaway box as she walked towards her bedside. She glanced at Yan Rusheng then Su Yue.

Su Yue frowned and appeared expressionless, ignoring Bai Jing.

“I…” Bai Jing started. She could guess why Su Yue was angry, and she wanted to explain.

Yan Rusheng interrupted, “Bai Jing was just worried about you, so she informed me to come take a look at you. Aren’t you fine now?”

Bai Jing remained silent as she stood behind him. She looked guilty and humble.

Su Yue looked over and couldn’t help herself from saying, “Bai Jing, can you pass me a bun first? I’m starving.”

Bai Jing looked up and her eyes brightened. She hesitated before nodding. “Sure, but I’ll bring you some water to wash your hands first.”

She then put the bag on the cabinet by the bedside and picked up a disposable cup from the table before turning away to fetch water.

Su Yue called after her. “Bai Jing, I’ll go wash them. I need to use the toilet, anyway.”

She got up and removed the tube from her hand.

She was too swift that even Yan Rusheng couldn’t stop her in time.

After she pulled it off, she jumped off the bed and hopped around like she was totally fine.

Yan Rusheng stared at the tube she had removed and smiled.

She really was a masculine girl.

“The vegetarian buns actually tastes pretty good,” Su Yue commented. After washing her hands, she grabbed the two buns and hungrily ate.

She was relishing it.

Yan Rusheng wanted to laugh at the sight. At home, she would refuse to eat a meal with no meat.

Truly, when one is hungry, anything tastes good.

He stared at Su Yue for a moment before turning to Bai Jing. “Bai Jing, I’ll have to trouble you to stay here with her for the night.”

He had promised Su Yue that he wouldn’t tell Xuxu, so he couldn’t stay with her.

Bai Jing was sitting on the corner of the bed, holding a packet of food. When she heard Yan Rusheng talking to her, she quickly peered up at him, her eyes bright.

He was just so big and tall. Bai Jing was in a trance for a second before she nodded. “Mm. I’ll take good care of Su Yue.”

Yan Rusheng smiled.

The smile on his handsome face made him even more good-looking, making him give off an enchanting charm.

Bai Jing unconsciously tightened her grip on the takeaway box.

“Third Brother,” Su Yue suddenly called. She was chewing the bun as she asked, “I want to rest at home. It’s not too far from here. Can I just come back if I’m feeling unwell?”

Yan Rusheng knit his brows. “Didn’t the doctor ask you to stay a night for observation?”

Su Yue frowned. “But I don’t like it here.”

Yan Rusheng looked over at the adjacent bed, where a middle-aged man in his thirties or forties lay.

This ward was indeed not very conducive. He thought for a while and nodded. “Okay, but if you get a fever again, you must come back to the hospital.”

“Okay.” Su Yue nodded happily.

“I’ll go tell the doctor.”

After he left the ward, Yan Rusheng was still worried so he went to consult the doctor.

Su Yue hurriedly stopped him. “There’s no need to. I’ll come back for the drip tomorrow morning.”

He didn’t know about her tattoo, so if he went to consult the doctor, he would surely find out.

Su Yue had stopped him, so Yan Rusheng didn’t think further and didn’t consult the doctor.