Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 Cant Seem To Feel Any Weight

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“Don’t do that.” Su Yue looked at Bai Jing and told her, “Third sister-in-law says that Third Brother has been working very hard, and he is very busy. So don’t call him. Let me take a nap first and I’ll go to the hospital later.”

Not entirely assured, she reminded Bai Jing sternly once more. “Don’t you dare call my third brother.”

She turned her back against Bai Jing and closed her eyes. She clutched her chest with one hand while she pressed the other hand against her head.

She seemed to be in agony.

Suddenly, Bai Jing’s phone rang from the bedroom, and she stood up.

She picked up her phone and her expression changed when she saw the caller’s name.

“Hello,” Bai Jing answered coldly.

“I don’t want to go back. I’m at my classmate’s place. I’ll head back when you’re back.”

“But my classmate is sick and she has no one to take care of her.”

“All right then.”

She hung up and Bai Jing tightly clenched her phone. She leaned against the door and gazed enviously at Su Yue, who was huddled on the couch.

Su Yue was like a princess. Everyone loved and pampered her.

“Xiaojing, daddy’s little princess. Come and eat your cake…”

Bai Jing’s eyes began to glisten and she snapped out of her memories. She rubbed her eyes before striding over to Su Yue.

She squatted and lightly patted Su Yue. “Su Yue, let me send you to the hospital. I need to go home later.”

Su Yue turned around and fluttered her eyelids. “Why?”

“My mother called me and she is unhappy,” said Bai Jing.

Sorrow and helplessness filled her voice.

“Okay,” Su Yue answered and shut her eyes.

Bai Jing nudged her. “Wake up. I need to send you to the hospital,” implored Bai Jing.

“Don’t be so noisy. I want to sleep.” Su Yue pushed her hands away and turned away from Bai Jing.

Bai Jing was about to wake her up again when her phone rang once more.

She glanced at the screen and angrily ended the call.

She rose and peered at Su Yue. “Let me call your Uncle Ming then,” said Bai Jing.

She knew that Su Yue didn’t want Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu to know about her tattoo.

If she called Yan Rusheng to bring Su Yue to the hospital, he would definitely know about the truth.

She went back to the bedroom and found Su Yue’s phone. It was still turned off.

She turned it on and ignored the unread texts. She found Ming Ansheng’s number and called him.

Ming Ansheng arrived in no time.

Bai Jing had packed her belongings and glanced at Su Yue with a worried expression. Her phone rang at that moment.

She picked up the call and spoke as she walked. “Got it. Coming down now.”

She promptly hung up.

Ming Ansheng reached Su Yue’s apartment and followed Bai Jing’s instructions. He proceeded to the fire extinguisher box and found the key.

He opened the door and entered the stuffy living room.

Without removing his shoes, he hastily strode to the bedroom. When he walked past the couch, he paused abruptly.

“Yueyue.” He turned around to the couch and stretched his hand.

He felt Su Yue’s forehead and it startled him. He instantly scooped her up.

He couldn’t seem to feel any weight as he carried the tiny girl.