Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Yueyue Is Having Babies

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“Little lass! Don’t you know that you need to go to the hospital if you are running a high fever?” Ming Ansheng chided her softly as he carried her. He hastily strode out of the house. “Your brain might get fried, you know?”

Su Yue heard Ming Ansheng’s voice and she opened her eyes. “Uncle Ming.”

She softly muttered and closed her eyes once more.

The elevator arrived and Ming Ansheng entered. He peered at Su Yue and softly scolded her. “At least you can still recognize me.”

“My chest feels terrible and I feel like puking.” Su Yue clutched her chest. Her voice sounded like a little kitten purring softly. “Am I having babies?”

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

Feeling the urge to puke means that she was pregnant? What warped logic was that?

He looked at the tiny girl in his arms, looking thoroughly amused. Her flushed cheeks resembled two rosy apples. “If you are having babies, then who is the father?”

Does she even have basic knowledge about it? She doesn’t even know basic facts about pregnancy. He wondered if there was a need for him to educate her?

“I want to eat chicken wings,” Su Yue suddenly said.

From babies to chicken wings…

This girl ran a high fever. He felt like he was carrying a hot stove in his arms.

He reached the carpark and Ming Ansheng walked to his car. He placed Su Yue down and supported her with a hand while he opened the door with the other.

Su Yue was very light, so it was almost effortless as he placed her inside the car.

Ming Ansheng found a respectable hospital around the vicinity.

In the clean and spacious ward, the man sat on the edge of the bed as he quietly watched the sleeping girl. His expression was tender and gentle.

Everything including time seemed to mellow down.

‘Am I having babies?’

Ming Ansheng softly chuckled as his eyes traveled to Su Yue’s belly. He began to picture Su Yue being surrounded by children.

‘If the children start to cause a ruckus, will she be the one to cry first?’

To his surprise… he was looking forward to that situation.

His eyes landed on Su Yue’s hand, and he stretched his hand towards her. He grabbed her hand, it was soft and smooth.

His heart began to soften.

“Yueyue,” softly called out Ming Ansheng as she peered at Su Yue’s face.

It was clear that she was fast asleep.

If she could hear him, he wouldn’t have dared to hold her hand. He stretched the other hand to gently stroke her plump face.

He loved everything about her.

In his eyes, she was a perfect and priceless treasure.

He felt that even if she belonged to him, he might not bear to touch her.

Su Yue’s fever was subsiding and she began to perspire. Huge beads of perspiration were rolling down from her forehead. Ming Ansheng dabbed and patiently wiped them away.

Su Yue could sense that someone was beside her. But she was too tired and simply couldn’t open her eyes.

After some time, she finally managed to open her eyes.

An endearingly familiar face appeared right before her eyes.

Ming Ansheng didn’t expect that Su Yue would wake up so soon. Her eyes were wide open and it had stunned him for a moment.

He straightened his back and jumped to his feet as a blush crept on his face.

He awkwardly cleared his throat and peered at Su Yue. “Are you hungry?”

He had almost kissed her. Thankfully, he was rather hesitant. If he wasn’t, he would be even more awkward right now.