Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 Unsurpassed When It Comes To Being Thick Skinned Part One

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"Lets go," Yan Rusheng softly said to Xuxu. "That hooligan wont be able to stay long in Country M. Or maybe I can plan a trip for us after New Year."

Xuxu bowed her head. "Lets decide again."

Yan Rusheng could tell that Xuxu was feeling blue. "That hooligans departure made you so sad?" asked Yan Rusheng.

"My heart is aching for her." Xuxu peered upwards at him and sniffed. "Why is God playing tricks on her?" uttered Xuxu.

Most women who got accidentally pregnant didnt have to make such a tough choice. Why did she have to bear triplets?

She was still worried that the Lu family might take away Zhou Shuangs children by force. What was Zhou Shuang going to do?

Once she had given birth, how could a mother bear to be apart from her children?

Yan Rusheng fell silent as they held hands and left the airport.

"Third Yan, where is Zhou Shuang?!"

They had just left the exit when a familiar figure dashed towards them.

Xuxus face instantly fell. She stared at Lu Yinan with hostility and displeasure.

Sometimes she thought men could be really selfish. They didnt have to sacrifice anything, so why do they have to demand so much from women?

"She should be boarding the plane right now," replied Yan Rusheng in an airy tone.

"F*ck!" Lu Yinan yelled and sprinted past them and was instantly lost among the crowd.

Yan Rusheng peered at Lu Yinan, and he whispered to Xuxu, "Give him some time. I trust him."

Xuxu sneered. "He just wants to fulfill the responsibility."

Yan Rusheng glanced at her and solemnly said, "Wife, not every married couple are together because they love each other. A majority of them are together because of a sense of responsibility, an instant attraction to each other or perhaps they had no other choice."

He bent and kissed Xuxus cheek. "Not everyone is like us so loving."

He seemed to be pleased with himself. He then led the way to their car.

Xuxu glanced at Yan Rushengs gorgeous face. The glow of the setting sun had illuminated his face, and he was beyond beautiful.

She entered a reverie as she watched him.

Yan Rusheng suddenly halted his footsteps and turned around. "Do you feel that your husband is really handsome? Are you jealous of yourself that you share a bed with this handsome man every night?"

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

This narcissist is too much!

"I really think that youre suitable to be a relationship expert. I wonder if any variety show is looking for a special guest. You can consider earning extra income."

She turned on her heel, ready to leave.

"Wife." Yan Rusheng grabbed her.

Xuxu spun around, but before she could utter a sound, the mans lips came crushing on hers, sealing her mouth.

His hands tenderly held her face, and he ignored everyone else.

Once this fellow decided to fall in love, he gave his everything. Regardless of the location or occasion, he would express his love without any care.

He was even more expressive than those who had just started a relationship.

The kiss caught Xuxu off guard, and her hands hovered in mid-air.

Her eyes were huge with surprise that she forgot to blink.

Passersby stopped to look at them and some even took photos of this beautiful scene.

Xuxu was getting breathless and Yan Rusheng finally let her go just as she was about to push him away.

Xuxu glared at him and hissed. "What are you doing?"

"I havent been on the headlines in a long time." Yan Rusheng beamed at her. He wound his arm around her waist as he surveyed the surroundings.