Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023 Unsurpassed When It Comes To Being Thick Skinned Part Two

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His eyes were seductive and his charm was lethal.

A horde of girls began to scream. “Third Master, you’re so handsome!”

Among the countless pairs of eyes, a pair of sorrowful eyes stood out.

A slender girl stood behind the crowd as she gazed at Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. Her hands were tightly clenching her clothes. In her eyes, brewed a mixture of envy and sorrows—it was an unfathomable expression.

A plump middle-aged man walked to the girl and grinned lewdly as he studied her beautiful face. “Xiaojing, your second brother is here. Let’s go.”

“Oh.” The girl nodded as she peered at her hands. Disgust flashed past her eyes. She quickened her footsteps to put some distance between the middle-aged man and her.

She continued to clutch her clothes tightly.

Yan Rusheng opened the car door for Xuxu. Xuxu was looking at the direction where they came from and she suddenly stopped.

She straightened her back and looked again.

“What’s wrong?” asked Yan Rusheng. “Who did you see?”

He followed her line of vision.

Xuxu frowned. “I think I saw Bai Jing just now.”

“Perhaps you saw wrongly.” Yan Rusheng peered carefully at the direction again but didn’t see Bai Jing.

“Yeah, perhaps.” Xuxu turned around and entered the car.

Yan Rusheng sat at the back with Xuxu as the chauffeur came along, too.

Xuxu suddenly thought of Su Yue. “Ah Sheng, let’s visit Su Yue. I wonder if she and Bai Jing are taking good care of themselves.”

“Don’t be like a long-winded mother. She is already 18 years old; she is no longer a kid. Let her be independent for a few more days.”

Xuxu furrowed her eyebrows. “But I’m worried.”

“Then call her.” Yan Rusheng took out his phone and dialed Su Yue’s number.

Su Yue answered after a few seconds. “Hello.”

Her sleepy voice sounded like she was asleep. “Your third sister-in-law wants to talk to you,” said Yan Rusheng.

He passed his phone to Xuxu.

Xuxu received the phone and answered, “Yueyue, have you eaten?”

“Yes I did. Third sister-in-law, don’t worry about me.”

Su Yue sounded more energetic when she talked to Xuxu.

Xuxu heard her and was more rest assured. “Sleep early and come home soon alright? Your brother might only return earliest next month,” said Xuxu.

“I got it!”

“I’m hanging up now.”

Xuxu returned the phone back to Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng lifted an eyebrow. “Can you stop worrying now?”

“She is obedient, but there are many things she doesn’t understand. She is so muddle-headed.” Xuxu began to be worried once more at the mention of Su Yue. “She told me that she wants to stay at the hostel. But I think we shouldn’t let her.”

The students were getting very open-minded these days. Dating and cohabitation and the list goes on.

She was afraid that they might lead this little girl astray.

Yan Rusheng was speechless as he stared at Xuxu. He glanced at Xuxu’s belly and shook his head. “I’m worried about the freedom of these little fellows in the future.”

Yueyue had turned 18 and she was still so anxious about her.

Wouldn’t she be even more worried about their two children?

Xuxu pouted. “Yueyue’s situation is different.”

She then pressed on, “Did First Uncle ask you about Su Yue recently?”