Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024 Unsurpassed When It Comes To Being Thick Skinned Part Three

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Yan Rusheng raised his brow. “What do you think?”

“This is the consequences of a married man who has a mistress.” Xuxu glared at Yan Rusheng but deep down, she actually sympathized with her First Uncle’s situation.

Now that First Aunt and First Uncle had divorced, both of First Uncle’s sons sided with First Aunt. First Uncle was all alone now.

But her pity was fleeting as one ought to be punished for their mistakes. From the moment he had cheated on his wife, he should have seen it coming.

Xuxu sighed heavily at the thought that this family had been torn apart. “Second Sister-in-law has given birth. You should visit her together with mother. I know for sure, Father will definitely not go.”

She added, “You need to keep it a secret from Father though.”

“Wen Xuxu, worrying too much makes a woman grow old rapidly.” Yan Rusheng affectionately pinched Xuxu’s face.

He knew that Xuxu worried too much with regards to First Uncle and his family. Even though she knew deep down certain situations couldn’t be changed despite efforts to salvage it.

She had been too grateful to his entire family, hence she was trying her utmost to keep the family intact.

Xuxu sneered. “When I grow old, you can get a pretty young girl at any time.”

She stretched her hand to grab Yan Rusheng’s arm and snuggled up to him.

Yan Rusheng grinned cheekily and replied, “My gun will only recognize your holster.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

He would always shoot his mouth off and make such dirty and sexual remarks!

He was unsurpassed when it comes to being thick-skinned.

In the ward, after Su Yue hung up, she patted her chest.

She thought to herself that she would never lie again. A phone call had made her so nervous.

A man sat by the edge of the bed as he peeled an apple. He peered at her, looking amused. “Was that Sister Xuxu?”

“Yeah.” Su Yue nodded and bent to continue eating her chicken wings.

She hungrily devoured the food and began slurping the meatball soup. She looked as though she hadn’t eaten in days.

She finally stopped eating when her mouth was stuffed with food. She was busy chewing her food as she spoke. “Brother Qi Lei, can you tell Grandfather that you can’t go to work for a few days? I want you to move to my place.”

Qi Lei looked confused. “Why?”

Su Yue beamed sheepishly at him. “The food that you cooked is too yummy.”

Qi Lei chortled loudly. “You have so many servants at home, they are at your disposal. Shouldn’t they cook nicer food than me?”

As he spoke, he placed the peeled apple on a plate. “Don’t eat so much meat. You should wait until you recovered. Have an apple first.”

He then attempted to clear the food.

“No!” Su Yue stopped Qi Lei and snatched a chicken wing from him.

Qi Lei helplessly shook his head, unable to change her mind.

Su Yue chewed as she replied. “They can’t be compared to yours. You’re invincible.”

She intently stared at the chicken wings.

Qi Lei fell silent as he gazed at Su Yue. The corners of his mouth helplessly curled upwards.

He didn’t respond to Su Yue’s praises and turned around to keep the food containers.

He began to wipe the table and Su Yue glanced at him. She suddenly called him. “Brother Qi Lei!”

Qi Lei narrowed his eyes as he asked, “Huh?”

“You have white hair.” Su Yue tugged a strand of hair from Qi Lei’s head and showed him. “You’re getting old.”

Qi Lei grinned. “Hurry up and finish the apple.”

Both of them were really close to each other.