Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 Unsurpassed When It Comes To Being Thick Skinned Part Four

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At this moment, the door flew open. A man strode into the ward and his eyes darted towards the direction of the bed.

The unconscious smile he had on his face froze instantly.

“Uncle Ming, you’re here.” Su Yue yelled across the ward and quickly dumped the chicken wing away. She grabbed the peeled apple and began to chew it.

Qi Lei tidied the table before straightening his back. He nodded curtly at Ming Ansheng.

Ming Ansheng remained silent as he walked towards the couch.

He placed his briefcase on the coffee table and bent to sit down. He took out his laptop and some documents.

Qi Lei bit his lips and turned around to face Su Yue. “Yueyue, I’m going off. I’ll visit you some other day.”

He picked up his bag and strode towards the entrance.

Su Yue bade him goodbye with a smile. “Brother Qi Lei, bye.”

“Goodbye.” Qi Lei walked out and closed the door after him.

Su Yue’s attention landed back on Ming Ansheng. He remained straight-faced as he stared at his laptop screen.

Su Yue frowned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ming Ansheng appeared not to have heard her.

Su Yue could tell that he was angry, and she flung her blanket away. She was wearing her own baggy pajamas, which were sky-blue in color.

She stood before Ming Ansheng and looked at him gloomily. “Why aren’t you talking? Why are you angry?”

She bent and sat down beside Ming Ansheng with the apple in her hand.

Ming Ansheng glanced at her, and he caught sight of Su Yue’s hand. It looked oily.

His face fell and he coldly said, “Wash your hands.”

With an absolute authoritative tone.

Su Yue was unhappy when she heard him. She rose and threw the apple into the trash can before stomping to the bathroom.

Gushing water sounds were soon heard.

Su Yue came out of the bathroom after she had washed her hands. She stood outside of the bathroom and flung her hands. She glared at Ming Ansheng with hatred in her eyes.

Ming Ansheng continued working, ignoring her.

She snatched his laptop away and placed it on the coffee table before shutting it.

“Su Yue!” Ming Ansheng was already fuming and naturally, he raised his voice at her.

Su Yue’s expression gradually turned cold. She quietly said to him, “I don’t need you here.”

She turned around to walk back to her bed. She flung the blanket over herself and completely covered her body.

Ming Ansheng slumped back against the couch as he studied Su Yue.

Images of Su Yue smiling at Qi Lei repeated themselves in his mind—and she was still holding the unhealthy and oily chicken wings.

He had clearly told her to avoid unhealthy food and that she needed to abstain from oily food as well.

But he knew that wasn’t the real reason that made him erupt.

‘Ming Ansheng, what’s wrong with you?’ he thought to himself.

This mistake would snowball if he carried on in this way.


Su Yue was initially tossing and turning in bed. Gradually, her movements began to lessen and finally, she stopped moving.

Ming Ansheng knew that she was asleep.


He helplessly sighed in his heart as he stood up. He strode across the room to her bed and pulled the blanket to reveal a tiny bit of her face.

She was sleeping sideways and her cheeks looked rosy.

Ming Ansheng stood there and admired her quietly for a long time.

He could feel his legs beginning to get numb, and so he walked back to the couch to continue working.