Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 Ill Take Them Down One By One Part Two


“Oh, but if she were to stay in, then Su Yue will have a companion,” Xuxu commented, looking up at Yan Rusheng with a frown. “If Bai Jing doesn’t live on campus, then I think we won’t let Su Yue stay in either. She’ll get bored if she’s alone.”

Without waiting for Yan Rusheng to reply, Lei Yong answered, “This Bai Jing, she should’ve told us she would stay with Miss Su. My mother wouldn’t be so worried then.”

He then thought for a moment and added, “Why don’t I persuade my mother to let Bai Jing stay on campus when we get back. It’s still in the capital city anyway, so she’ll be able to come home often.”

Xuxu smiled and nodded. “That’s wonderful, thank you very much, Mr. Lei. Our Yueyue had been going on and on about living on campus, but I’ll be worried if she stays in alone.”

Her immense gratefulness took Lei Yong by surprise.

He quickly shook his head and smiled, replying formally, “It’s no problem. Bai Jing doesn’t know many people here, so my parents and I are very glad that she has Su Yue as a good friend.”

A sly gleam flashed through Xuxu’s eyes. She pressed her lips together in a tight smile and said no more.

Xuxu was tired after a while since her belly was so huge. Su Yue had dragged Bai Jing for a tour around A University that it lasted over an hour.

But… they still only had a brief understanding of the campus and where the main places were situated. It would take an entire day for them to remember all the nooks and crannies of the campus.

It was almost noon and the sun was getting scorching.

Yan Rusheng was worried that Xuxu would be too worn out, so he kept suggesting them to call it a day.

They had parked the champagne-colored car under a large tree at the main entrance of A University. Although the car model and color were very low key, it couldn’t hide the fact that the car was expensive.

Yan Rusheng opened the car door and turned on the air-con immediately. He then leaned lazily against the car frame and watched Xuxu engage in small talk with Lei Yong.

He felt like there was no need for it. He was just a small supplier. Why did she patronize him when she could end it in one line?

But he knew that Xuxu was thinking about Bai Jing’s future.

Xuxu and Lei Yong exchanged a few lines, then she looked at Bai Jing and said, “Bai Jing, next time bring along all the stuff you need.”

Bai Jing blinked in confusion.

Xuxu knew what she was confused about. She smiled and explained, “I asked for a favor from your Second Brother. Since Yueyue wanted to live on campus, I wanted you to accompany her, and he agreed.”

When she heard it, Bai Jing’s eyes brightened and glistened with gratefulness.

Without her saying anything, Xuxu could confirm her suspicions.

She knew that Bai Jing would definitely have a hard time immersing herself into that kind of family all of a sudden.

When he heard her words, Lei Yong smiled and said, “Third Madam Yan, you’re too courteous, it’s not a problem at all. It’s our Xiaojing’s honor to have a friend like Miss Su.”

Bai Jing’s expression darkened. She lowered her head and her long eyelashes covered her clear eyes, making it impossible to figure out what was going through her mind.

“Miss Su, you’re welcome to visit us whenever you’re free,” he offered with a smile.

Su Yue replied with a cold *’oh’, *her gaze still casually flitting past him.

Her arrogant air made her seem disrespectful, but of course, she only gave off such a vibe to people she wasn’t familiar with.

A tinge of awkwardness flashed across Lei Yong’s face, but his smile remained unaltered.

Su Yue got onto the car and Xuxu followed behind her. When she did, Yan Rusheng thoughtfully covered her head, afraid that she would knock it when she got in.

Bai Jing looked in their direction and went into a daze.