Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 A Horde Of Girls Charging Towards Him Part Two


Su Yue anxiously ran towards Bai Jing. “Be careful! Let me rub your head.”

She rubbed Bai Jing’s head.

Bai Jing’s face was red, so the impact must have really hurt.

Yan Rusheng decided to check on Bai Jing as well. “Are you all right?”

Although his tone sounded normal, Bai Jing could still tell that he was a little concerned for her.

It seemed as though his concern was some kind of painkiller. Bai Jing retracted her hand and nodded as she bit her lip.

Yan Rusheng casually glanced at the two beds and suggested, “Do you want to change the beds?”

“No… there isn’t a need.” Bai Jing waved her hands in frantic. “It’s too troublesome. This is fine.”

She bowed her head, with her face still red.

Yan Rusheng kept quiet and turned around.

He opened the door and his expression instantly darkened.

There was a huge crowd blocking the path outside, and everyone was gawking at Young Master Yan.

The corridor which was initially quiet, but it began to turn rowdy. “Third Young Master! Third Master!”

“Take a photo with us, please…”

“Third Master is so handsome!”

F*ck! When did he become a celebrity?

Yan Rusheng frowned, looking annoyed. The young girls charged towards him and surrounded him in an instant.

Feeling annoyed, he raised his voice. “Enough! Go away.”

He yelled but apparently, that didn’t seem to work on the girls.

Yan Rusheng was having a hard time.

“Leave us alone! This is a dormitory.”

A tiny figure squeezed through the crowd and stood in front of Yan Rusheng. She looked aggressive and fierce as she shouted. “If all of you don’t leave, I will call the security!”

It was Bai Jing!

It startled Yan Rusheng to hear her resounding and strong voice. After getting over his shock, he broke into a smile.

Never underestimate the power a person can wield when they are being angered.

Unfortunately, Bai Jing’s threats didn’t work on these girls as well. They had gone hysterical at the sight of Yan Rusheng.

They continued to hold their phones, trying their best to get near to Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng and Bai Jing were being huddled together as the crowd surrounded them.


Suddenly, she yelled out in pain. She turned around and knocked into Yan Rusheng’s chest.

Yan Rusheng guessed that someone had stepped on her and instinctively, he put his arms around her to protect her.

Bai Jing’s face was pressed against Yan Rusheng’s chest and she could hear his heartbeat.

His light scent and heartbeat made her blush crimson.

She tightened her fists nervously as her arms hovered in mid-air.

She almost… almost stretched her arms to hug him back.

“Step aside!” Yan Rusheng lost his cool and his expression hardened.

All the girls retreated. They felt fearful of him.

Bai Jing straightened her back and sprang away from Yan Rusheng. She bowed her head and apologized. “Sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Yan Rusheng assumed that she was apologizing because she bumped into him. He frowned. “Why should you apologize?”

Without waiting for Bai Jing to respond, he marched towards the stairs. And this time around, no one else dared to block his path.

His aura was too overwhelming.

Bai Jing watched him quietly and slowly, she fell into the depths once again.

The news of Young Master Yan being surrounded and harassed by A University’s students became a popular topic online within hours.

After dinner, Xuxu took a shower and went to the balcony to rest. Her huge belly felt like she was carrying a huge pot around.

She was about to give birth, and Yan Rusheng had tried his best to finish his work during the day. He entirely devoted his evenings to Xuxu alone.