Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 Labeling A Man As A Bitch Part One


Yan Weihong’s anger abated immediately when his grandchildren were mentioned. The atmosphere began to lighten.

“I have a few names in mind. Let me finalize the names once again,” replied Yan Weihong.

A sly gleam flashed swiftly across Mu Li’s eyes as she curled her lips in triumph.

Her expression seemed to be saying:* ‘Let’s see how I’m going to deal with you!’*

How dare he ruined the morning with his bad temper?

Xuxu understood that Mu Li was trying to lighten the atmosphere the second she brought up her children.

She had already reminded her of the checkup earlier this morning. A short while later, she had asked again. Obviously, she had an ulterior motive for doing that.

“Everything is fine and the position of the babies is correct. You can come back around the due date.”

After the ultrasound scan, the matron smiled and told Xuxu.

“Great.” Xuxu nodded with a smile as she adjusted her clothes.

Yan Rusheng leaped forward to support her.

“Third Yan, you’re doing well,” said the matron approvingly. He continued with a smile. “It’s rare to see a husband accompanying his wife for every single checkup.”

Yan Rusheng merely managed a brief smile and he appeared humble.

However… once they exited the room, he grabbed Xuxu’s arm. “Wife, did you hear that?” Yan Rusheng beamed at her as he asked.

Xuxu feigned ignorance. “What was it?”

Hmph! He had seemed so humble in front of the matron and minutes later, he was seeking for praises.

She walked with her chin slightly raised while Yan Rusheng trailed behind as he shook his head helplessly.

“Ah Sheng, I want to go to the company with you today.” Xuxu fastened her seatbelt and suddenly smiled at Yan Rusheng.

Her sweet and lovely smile had blown Yan Rusheng away, and without hesitation, he agreed. “Okay.”

Xuxu’s smile still puzzled him, however.

The next moment, Xuxu added, “Then let’s visit Yueyue on the way to work.”

It dumbfounded Yan Rusheng.

‘It was just a day, just a day!’

He wondered if she would miss him so badly if he didn’t come home for a night.

How jealous he was of the little lass!

He solemnly replied, “No, I have to return immediately. I have work to complete.”

Xuxu knew that work was more important and naturally she wouldn’t make a fuss. She responded with a soft ‘oh’ and bent her head.

“Angry?” Yan Rusheng glanced askew at Xuxu and observed her.

Xuxu shook her head. “No, I’m not.”

She raised her head and glanced at Yan Rusheng before turning away.

She was slightly frowning, and she looked more troubled than angry.

Yan Rusheng observed her expression and quietly ignited the engine.

“Xuxu, we’ve reached.”

Xuxu fell asleep and Yan Rusheng gently woke her up. She slowly opened her eyes and sleepily peered at her surroundings. The next moment, it jolted her awake.

“I thought you said we can’t come here?” She mumbled under her breath, feeling touched deep down.

Yan Rusheng was unfastening his seatbelt as he said, “We will just look. It won’t take long.”

“Oh.” Xuxu stared intently at Yan Rusheng’s face, and she seemed to enter a daze.

Yan Rusheng lifted an eyebrow. “What’s wrong?”

Xuxu asked, “Do you think recently I’m troublesome? And annoying?”

Yan Rusheng frowned. “Stupid woman, what are you thinking about?”

He smiled tenderly at her and caressed Xuxu’s neck.