Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1042 4

Chapter 1042 Labeling A Man As A Bitch Part Five


“Yes.” Su Yue nodded. “But my third brother also said that he is not even worthy to carry his shoes.”

“I agree with him. What do you think?” She reeled off endlessly. “My third brother is so handsome. How can he be compared to him? He even wants to woo my third sister-in-law. How annoying.”

Bai Jing bowed her head in silence.

Su Yue grinned as she rattled on. “But my third sister-in-law is such a perfect person. She will definitely have many suitors. Do you know Brother Ah Heng? The extremely handsome guy!”

She sounded very proud of Xuxu.

“Bai Jing, why are you so quiet?” Su Yue finally noticed that Su Yue seemed to be in a stupor as she stood there with her head bowed.

Bai Jing raised her head and smiled weakly.

They went back to the field.

There were many others who weren’t here yet and the instructors paced to and fro.

The sun shone mercilessly on them and the instructors were all perspiring.

“Hurry up! Go get his number. Whoever succeeds, we will give her a red packet.”

“I can’t! You go.”


“You should go!”

A few girls were egging each other on to get the handsome military instructor’s contact number.

Everyone was tempted to try, but no one really dared to go forward.

“Whoever gets the number will get a red packet of 200 yuan.”

As more students began to enter the field, the group of girls began to get anxious.

Su Yue frowned as their high-pitched voices irritated her. She stepped forward and walked towards the handsome military instructor.

She peered at him with an innocent and pure expression. “Mr. Instructor, can I get your number?”

Her voice was loud and clear.

In an instant, the entire field fell silent. Everyone widened their eyes in shock.

The handsome military instructor simply stared at Su Yue, evidently too shocked for words.

Su Yue knitted her eyebrows and raised her voice. “Can I add you on WeChat?”

Finally, the military instructor responded and he blushed crimson.

Su Yue continued to look at him innocently and pointed at the girls behind her. “They want your number. If they give me the red packet, I’ll split half of it with you,” explained Su Yue.

All of them were speechless.

The other military instructors who witnessed this scene began to chuckle and tried to tease the handsome military instructor with their eyes.

The handsome military instructor’s face fell and he blushed even harder. He chided Su Yue sternly. “Go back now.”

Su Yue sneered coldly. “You’re so petty.”

She turned around and walked back.

All of them were speechless.

Everyone had the same thought in their mind—this girl would explode in popularity.

Su Yue returned to her position and addressed the group of girls. “You can give up. He won’t give you his number.”

She retracted her arrogant and aloof gaze and carried on standing straight.

‘A University’s newly crowned campus belle is innocent and pure. Her beauty is unrivaled and just her voice alone has already won the hearts of many. This campus belle is even gutsy enough to ask for the contact of the military instructor during military training, in front of all the students. After being rejected, this girl merely pouted before making a retort. Numerous male students are infatuated with this fresh first-year beauty…’