Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1043 9

Chapter 1043 Labeling A Man As A Bitch Part Six


It was the start of the semester, and the new school belle and school beau were always the hottest topics on campus.

Someone took a video of Su Yue asking the handsome military instructor for his number and uploaded it online. It instantly went viral.

During dinner in the evening, Su Yue realized that she had hit the school headlines.

Bai Jing and Su Yue found seats at an empty table.

They were about to sit down when a group of guys walked over to them. “Hi juniors, let’s eat together.”

They sat down immediately.

After they sat down, someone immediately inched nearer to Su Yue and grinned. “Junior, can you give me your WeChat number?”

“No.” Su Yue continued eating without looking at the guy at all.

After a day of military training, she was completely drained and famished.

The guy frowned. “You’re so petty.”

He had just imitated how Su Yue had retorted earlier on in the day when the instructor rejected her.

Su Yue was a little speechless.

Not just the guys at the table, even the rest of the students were all glancing at them, looking inquisitive.

“Junior, I’m from the badminton club. You can join my club.”

“Junior, don’t listen to him. Your looks and image are most suitable for our drama club.”

There was silence.

The group of boys had surrounded Su Yue and chattered incessantly. Su Yue furrowed her eyebrows, looking annoyed.

“You guys are so annoying. Stop disturbing me when I’m eating.”

Everyone was fawning over her, but this tactic didn’t work on Su Yue at all. In the end, one of the guys gave a sarcastic remark. “Didn’t you ask the instructor for his number today? Stop pretending.”

Su Yue tightly knitted her eyebrows and her movements stopped completely.

Everyone felt that the atmosphere had turned icy cold and instinctively, they wanted to retreat.

Su Yue rose and grabbed the bowl of soup in front of her. She poured the soup on the guy who had just mocked her. The soup trickled from the top of his head to his chin and to his clothes.

Instinctively, the guy shut his eyes tightly.

Everyone held their breath and moments later, the canteen erupted with raucous laughter.

“You’re like a housefly, affecting my appetite.” Su Yue added maliciously after pouring soup over the guy.

Without a second look, she turned to Bai Jing. “Let’s go somewhere else.”

She stood up and walked towards the entrance of the canteen.

Countless pairs of eyes stared at her and she strode out, looking composed and haughty as she raised her chin.

Bai Jing gazed at Su Yue and hesitated for a moment. “Su Yue, do you think you went overboard earlier on?”

Su Yue frowned and asked, “Don’t you think he is annoying?”

“A little.” Bai Jing nodded.

Su Yue sneered coldly. “I never talk to annoying people.”

Bai Jing grinned and quipped, “I can tell.”

‘Never talk to annoying people Can she do that?’

*’Why can’t she splash soup at the person she hated or ignored them coldly?’ *

‘Was that her destiny?’

Su Yue didn’t notice that Bai Jing looked sorrowful. She grabbed her elbow and said, “Let’s go out to eat. What do you want?”

Bai Jing snapped to and rubbed her belly. “I’m full and I’m tired. So I don’t want to head out.”

“All right then. Let’s go back.” Su Yue nodded as she was tired too. “We have snacks in the dorm. I can eat those,” added Su Yue.

This little lass had just started school and she was already in the limelight!