Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044 Little Lass Come Over To My Place Tonight Part One


When Young Master Ming took a break from his hectic schedule, he saw some news articles pertaining to Su Yue, and his mood went downhill.

He couldn’t put his mind at ease.

Depressed, he took two clouds of smoke from the cigarette between his fingers. He held it, staring at the ceiling as he leaned against his comfortable chair.

His secretary knocked on the door and entered. “President, the planning department just sent in their report,” he said, placing a file before him.

“Mm.” Ming Ansheng snapped out of his daze and acknowledged. Then he looked down at the cigarette between his fingers, which had already burnt till the bud.

He hurriedly disposed of it, standing up with his empty mug to get himself some water from outside.

His secretary immediately offered, “President, let me get that for you.”

“No need,” Ming Ansheng replied, already stepping out of his office.

He made himself some coffee and stood by the window in the tearoom. He stared out of the window. The window was open and the heat dissipated into the room.

Not long after, he began to feel warm.

It was such a scorching day; he wondered if that lass could handle the military training.

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became.

Finally, he decided. He finished his coffee in one gulp and left the room in large strides.

It was one hour past the knock-off timing, but a few people were still working overtime.

Ming Ansheng returned to his office to get his phone, then headed for the exit.

“I’ll make a move first,” he said to his secretary, his pace never faltering.

When the elevator reached the first floor and the doors opened, a tall woman entered his vision. He frowned and annoyance flashed through his eyes, which he didn’t bother concealing.

“Ansheng.” Tang Feiling’s eyes brightened when she saw him.

She was wearing a white sleeveless dress made of soft fabric, which made her look taller than she already was.

Ming Ansheng glanced over her and didn’t say a word. He walked out of the lift and headed towards the exit.

“Ansheng, I came to invite you over to my place for dinner,” Tang Feiling said, following him.

When she caught up, she tried to grab his elbow.

Ming Ansheng dodged her hand and escaped breezily. He replied coldly, “I have plans.”

“Let’s go together then, shall we?” Tang Feiling asked coquettishly, pouting.

Ming Ansheng halted in his steps and turned to her with a cold glare. “Tang Feiling, I’ve told you beforedon’t look for me at the office.”

“Why not?” Tang Feiling began to feel angry that her hospitality was not being reciprocated. “We’re already engaged, and we’re getting married soon. I’m Bright Vision’s future boss, so why can’t I come to find you?”

“Tang Feiling, don’t make me hate you more,” Ming Ansheng warned, gritting his teeth.

Then, without waiting for her reaction, he turned and made for the exit.

“Ming Ansheng, you” Tang Feiling glared at his retreating figure, frustrated to the point of speechlessness.

But after some thought, she still chased after him.

After they exited, Ming Ansheng stopped in his tracks again. He turned to her and said, “If you don’t want me to call off the engagement, disappear from my sight right now.”

Tang Feiling panicked. “Even if you want to call off the engagement, I won’t agree to it.”

Ming Ansheng ignored her and retreated down the steps, his expression dark.

And his fists clenched.

If Tang Feiling wasn’t so clingy, it wouldn’t be this hard to call off the engagement.