Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1048 4

Chapter 1048 Little Lass Come Over To My Place Tonight Part Five


He froze. Then he chewed twice before swallowing it.

Su Yue consecutively fed him many chips.

They had parked the car in the underground carpark of the supermarket. When they got on, Ming Ansheng eyed the bottle of coke in Su Yue’s hand with a sly gleam in his eye.

He frowned and complained to Su Yue. “I’m thirsty now and I’m holding you responsible since you fed me so many potato chips.”

Without thinking, Su Yue uncapped the bottle of coke and passed it to Ming Ansheng. “You can have a sip.”

Ming Ansheng smiled satisfactorily and took it from her.

Then Su Yue grumbled to herself. “See, I told you to buy another bottle for me. Penny pincher.”

Ming Ansheng would leave some for her but upon hearing her words, he thought against it. He tilted his head upwards and finished it.

Before Su Yue could react, the bottle was already empty.

She clenched her fists and heavily pounded on his shoulder. “I hate you to death.”

Ming Ansheng smiled with an indescribable air of elegance.

“I’ll cook a delicious meal for you later.” He started the car and melodious music filled the vehicle.

It had been a while since he felt so happy and carefree.

Once he entered, Ming Ansheng turned on the lights and took out his huge pair of slippers from the shoe cupboard. “Put these on.”

Su Yue shook her head. “It’s fine.”

She took off her shoes and walked barefooted into the house. She went past the porch and stopped in front of the fish tank in the living room.

She bent over and observed the fishes before frowning. “Uncle Ming, what happened to that beautiful butterfly-tail fish?”

The fish tank was empty. Not a fish in sight.

The previous time she came, there was only one fish, an exquisite butterfly-tail fish.

Ming Ansheng had already entered the kitchen and he answered, “It’s long dead.”

“Why?” Su Yue sadly asked.

She walked over to the kitchen entrance and leaned against the door frame.

‘She was so sad over the death of a fish?’ Ming Ansheng smiled in amusement. “I rarely come here. It would be a miracle if it were still alive.”

From what he remembered, she wasn’t one to be interested in cats, dogs, and small animals.

And she definitely wasn’t. But the previous time she came, that butterfly-tail fish captivated her. She even offered it some of her biscuits.

“Oh.” Su Yue frowned.

Ming Ansheng asked, “Was a whole day of military training tiring? Go sit on the sofa and watch some TV. I’ll be done in a while.”

He had already put on his apron and he was washing the chicken wings.

Su Yue looked at him in doubt. “Are you sure your chicken wings will taste good?”

Ming Ansheng felt angered that the little lass had questioned his abilities so many times. “Quickly sit on the sofa and watch TV.”

“Fine.” Su Yue pouted and turned to walk away.

Ming Ansheng finished washing the chicken wings and placed them onto a plate. He added seasoning and marinated them.

He was well-versed with the entire procedure.

He was busy in the kitchen for quite a while, and it seemed completely quiet outside. Ming Ansheng walked to the entrance of the kitchen and poked his head out, looking towards the sofa.

The TV wasn’t on, and Su Yue wasn’t in sight either.

Confused, he exited the kitchen. “Yueyue?”

Ming Ansheng walked over to the sofa. Su Yue was lying on it, eyes closed and fast asleep.

All of a sudden, even the time felt gentle.

He grabbed two tissues and wiped his hands. He then picked up a folded blanket. Softly, he walked over to Su Yue and bent down.

He draped the blanket over her body carefully.

“Yueyue.” As he observed her pretty face, Ming Ansheng couldn’t help but call out to her, his voice ever so gentle.