Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050 Implicated By Her Part One


Ming Ansheng clenched his teeth and released his grip on Su Yue’s hand. He rose and marched gloomily to the kitchen.

It stunned Su Yue for a moment before she snapped out of her daze. She glanced at her wrist that had turned red from Ming Ansheng’s tight grip earlier on.

She was seized with fear when he suddenly grabbed her. At the same time, she seemed to anticipate something.

What was she expecting?

Su Yue quietly reflected her feelings earlier on and was about to conclude when Ming Ansheng’s voice disrupted her thoughts. “Yueyue, come and eat. The chicken wings are getting cold.”

“Oh,” Su Yue calmly answered and strode to the dining table.

She picked up a chicken wing and stuffed it inside her mouth. She softly chewed before giving her honest opinion. “It’s quite nice, but Brother Qi Lei’s chicken wings are still the best.”

Ming Ansheng’s face fell and he extended his hand to knock her head. “Don’t go overboard with your requests. I reckon you’ll be taken in by someone with a few chicken wings.”

But then, it was actually Ming Ansheng who harbored an ulterior motive by learning how to cook chicken wings!

Ravenous, Su Yue sat down and began gobbling the food.

Ming Ansheng sent her back to the campus and chose the nearest entrance, which was the East Gate, but the road at East Gate was dim and dark.

Ming Ansheng was worried about her safety, so he said, “I’ll walk you back.”

He opened his car door.

Su Yue declined. “It’s all right. I’m not afraid.”

“I’ll walk you.” Ming Ansheng was firm and had already made his way to Su Yue.

Su Yue didn’t reject him and both of them walked back together.

When they reached the dormitory, Su Yue glanced at Ming Ansheng and softly said, “We’ve reached.”

Ming Ansheng nodded. “Go in then.”

“Mmm.” Su Yue nodded and turned around.

Ming Ansheng was reluctant to part with her and just stood there gazing at her.

“Uncle Ming.” Su Yue halted her footsteps and turned around to say to Ming Ansheng. “Be careful on the road.”

She then swiftly turned around and ran back to the building.

Within seconds, she had vanished out of Ming Ansheng’s sight. A smile slowly crept in on Ming Ansheng’s face.

‘Be careful on the road.’

This lass was finally beginning to care for others.

Their building was mainly for first-year students. After an entire day of military training, the whole place was finally quiet.

Su Yue reached the third floor and took out her keys.

“Yueyue. You’re home?”

The lights were all turned off except for a dim light near Bai Jing’s bed.

It startled Su Yue to hear Bai Jing. “Why are you still awake?”

Bai Jing answered, “I was worried since you’re not back yet.”

“There is nothing to worry about since I was out with Uncle Ming. Hurry up and sleep.” Su Yue went to the bathroom to wash her hands and continued talking. “I took a nap at Uncle Ming’s place, that’s why I came back late.”

She walked to her bed and began to undress.

It startled Bai Jing to hear that Su Yue went to Ming Ansheng’s place. “You went to his place?”

Su Yue didn’t read too much into Bai Jing’s expression and merely nodded. “Yeah. He cooked for me.”

She changed into her pajamas and laid down on her bed with her phone.

“Just… the two of you?” Bai Jing laid sideways as she watched Su Yue with a tinge of suspicion.

“Yup.” Su Yue nodded and glanced at Bai Jing before she continued to use her phone.