Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 Implicated By Her Part Two


The news of Su Yue asking for the military instructor’s contact number remained the most popular topic on the forum.

“You even slept?” asked Bai Jing.

Su Yue nodded and replied, “Yup, I was too sleepy when he was preparing dinner. So I fell asleep while watching TV.”

Bai Jing laid back on her bed, mulling over Su Yue’s words. She muttered in response after a long while.

It was as if she had heaved a sigh of relief. On the other hand, it seemed as though she was feeling conflicted about it.

“Some people are just so annoying. Why do they post everything online?!” Su Yue turned off her phone and grumbled under her breath before pulling the blanket over her head. “Bai Jing, I’m sleeping. Good night,” she said in a muffled voice.

“Okay,” replied Bai Jing.

A short while later, Su Yue’s breathing could be heard and Bai Jing turned to gaze at her. Her eyes filled with envy.

It had been a long time since she could fall asleep quickly.

She thought to herself,* ‘Su Yue, I’m so envious of you.’*

The first few days, all the first-years were still grumbling and complaining about the training.

They began to turn a few shades darker. Those who were originally dark or tanned became even darker.

Within the next few days, Su Yue received at least twenty confessions from her seniors. Some did it face to face, while the rest gave her gifts.

Of course, she ignored every one of them.

Even some cheeky seniors ended up in a more pathetic state than the guy who had been drenched in soup.

So everybody used new adjectives to describe this new school belle: cold and arrogant.

Nobody talked to her except for Bai Jing. Not even the teachers.

Su Yue became the most popular and coveted figure in school. All the news articles about her were an instant hit.

Xuxu certainly heard the news since Su Yue had already caused a storm on online forums. She felt that Su Yue had plunged into the depths of trouble.

She must have made plenty of enemies.

How would she be able to ignore this matter? “Ah Sheng, I want to go to visit Yueyue today,” said Xuxu.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already informed the principal. He will contact me if anything happens,” Yan Rusheng reassured Xuxu, “You should have expected that this might happen.”

During the few short months at Flourish & Splendor, there were already countless boys who showed their interest in her.

Furthermore, she was in A University now.

He paused before adding on, “Let her try to settle the issues herself. She needs to learn. Anyway, you can’t help much even if you head to school.”

Xuxu knew that Yan Rusheng was right. Still, she couldn’t help but worry. “But you know her personality.”

“Don’t worry okay?” Yan Rusheng lightly patted Xuxu’s shoulders.

Xuxu pressed her lips. “Alright then.”

Yan Rusheng smiled and walked to the wardrobe to get changed.

He glanced at Xuxu and said, “Let’s have breakfast.”

They left the bedroom.

“When is Su Yan coming back?” Xuxu suddenly asked.

“Soon, on the 28th,” answered Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu nodded in response.

She was too worried for Su Yue that she regretted her decision to allow her to stay at the dormitory.

They could have rented an apartment and hired a person to take care of her.

She was just beginning to learn how to interact with people. And she was still new to the ways of the world as well.

Su Yue would talk to a person only if she liked the said person. It was too easy to offend a person in that way.

Xuxu’s belly was enormous by then, and she would get breathless after walking up a few steps. She made a habit of supporting her belly with her hand for fear that her belly might drop if she didn’t.