Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 Implicated By Her Part Three


Yan Rusheng and Xuxu entered the dining room and was cheerfully greeted by Mu Li. “Come and have breakfast.”

Xuxu ambled towards the seat that she usually occupied every day.

Yan Rusheng pulled the chair for her and she bent to sit.

Looking at how tough it was for Xuxu to walk, Yan Weihong spoke up. “When is the due date?”

His eyes were sparkling with anticipation as he spoke.

Xuxu replied, “15th of next month.”

“Less than a month to go,” quipped Yan Weihong. Although his tone sounded casual, a smile was playing around the corners of his mouth. He was eagerly anticipating the arrival of his grandchildren.

Xuxu nodded and began to drink her milk.

Mu Li turned to Yan Weihong and asked, “Have you decided on their names already?”

Yan Weihong curtly replied, “Yes.”

“What are their names?” Mu Li inched enthusiastically towards Yan Weihong.

Yan Weihong glanced at her with a frown. “Just eat. You will know the names once they’re born.”

“Look at how smug you are,” sneered Mu Li. She rolled her eyes and continued, “I might deny you the right to name our grandchildren.”

There was silence.

Yan Weihong ignored her threat and glanced at Xuxu with a gentle smile. “Xuxu, I’ve taken the liberty of naming the boy. You can choose the name of the girl.”

“It’s okay.” Xuxu smiled and rejected his offer. “Father, you can name both of them.”

This future grandfather had been eagerly looking forward to seeing his grandchildren. He had been researching for names ever since Xuxu became pregnant.

How could she bear to deny a grandfather’s joy and right of naming his grandchildren? It would be a huge sin.

“You do it.” Yan Weihong sounded unyielding.

Xuxu was adamant on her decision too. “No, no. Father, please name them.”

“In that case…” Yan Weihong blushed a little as he pressed on. “I… I have decided.”

“Sure.” Xuxu stifled a grin and nodded.

But Madam Mu Li wasn’t as nice as Xuxu. She snorted in contempt. “Pretentious.”

Yan Weihong glared at her as he blushed harder. “How am I suddenly pretentious? Eat your breakfast.”

This old couple would always bicker every morning without fail.

Mu Li was always the one to cross Second Master Yan’s boundaries.

This was the reason Xuxu had insisted on joining them for breakfast every morning in the dining room. She really enjoyed watching them bicker and arguing over trivial matters.

With them around, the atmosphere was always light-hearted.

After breakfast, Xuxu sent Yan Rusheng to the door as usual and watched as he drove off.

She leaned against the door, and was apparently lost in her thoughts.

“Xuxu… Someone is looking for you.”

Mu Li shouted across the room.

“Okay, I’m coming,” Xuxu responded and asked, “Who is it?”

“Zhou Shuang.” Mu Li passed the phone to Xuxu.

Xuxu’s face instantly lit up with a bright smile. She settled herself comfortably on the sofa before saying ‘Hello’.

“Haven’t you given birth already?” Zhou Shuang’s voice still sounded energetic and lively as usual.

“Pfft.” Xuxu chortled as she answered. “Don’t you know that my due date is next month?”

Judging from how cheerful Zhou Shuang sounded, life in Country M seemed comfortable.

“I forgot.” Zhou Shuang added, “Days slipped past and I have no idea of the dates.”

“Go out and take more strolls. Don’t just stay at home the entire day. You might end up as a fat ball after you’ve given birth,” advised Xuxu.