Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053 Implicated By Her Part Four


Xuxu could nearly visualize the lifestyle Zhou Shuang was leading in Country M, and just like what she did when she was still in the country, it was surely staying at home the entire day.

Annoyed, Zhou Shuang answered, “Can’t you at least say some pleasant words instead?”

“Why did you suddenly called me?” asked Xuxu.

“You’re the one who’s forgotten all about me, although you’re always on my mind!” Zhou Shuang sounded upset and bitter.

Xuxu chuckled. “How are you now? How big is your belly?”

“I’ll take a photo for you later. I’ve gained so much weight! It’s so depressing.” Zhou Shuang grumbled and then heavily sighed.

“It’s normal to gain weight as long as the children are healthy. Keep in mind that you’re carrying triplets,” Xuxu gently said.

A thought struck her and she asked, “Lu Yinan went to Country M a few days ago. How was it with him?”

“Can we talk about something happy instead?” implored Zhou Shuang.

Xuxu sighed helplessly.

It seemed like they didn’t have any progress at all. Yan Rusheng even reassured her that not every marriage began because the couple loved each other. He reminded Xuxu not to rule out any possibilities.

But it was simply a piece of useless advice!

Two close friends, separated by thousands of miles, chatted for more than an hour.

Zhou Shuang sent a photo after she hung up. She was three months along in her pregnancy, but she looked as though she was five months pregnant because of her triplets.

Xuxu stared at the photo and her face lit up with a smile.

Life was indeed unpredictable.

Zhou Shuang and Lu Yinan were expecting triplets. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought of that.

‘Not every marriage began because of their love for each other, just like us…’

Xuxu mulled over Yan Rusheng’s words and she trusted him one more time.

She sent Zhou Shuang’s photo to Lu Yinan.

‘Look at Shuang, her belly is so huge.’

At the hospital.

Lu Yinan had just attended to a patient when he received a notification. He was rather surprised to see that Wen Xuxu had sent him a text.

He clicked on it and was momentarily stumped for words.

“This hooligan’s belly is so big now,” muttered Lu Yinan.

Lu Yinan sighed wistfully to himself as he gazed at the screen. He slowly slumped back in his chair.

In the photo, Zhou Shuang was wearing a white nightdress as she stood on a weighing scale. Her originally flat tummy had ballooned drastically.

It was barely two months and her hair length were much longer than before.

This was the first time in his memory that he had seen Zhou Shuang with braids. In high school, her hair was much shorter than when she had just returned. She looked tomboyish, and she said anything that came to her mind.

And unfortunately, she offended Yan Rusheng and got labeled as a hooligan.

She must’ve had merely wanted to show Wen Xuxu her belly. Hence, she bowed her head and pulled her nightdress to reveal her bulging belly.

Nevertheless, he could still see a faint smile on her face, despite her head being lowered.

He went to her house in Country M and she was indeed well taken care of. She looked as if… she had forgotten all about him.

This was exactly why he was feeling so frustrated and furious.

Among all the women he had slept with, she was the only one who didn’t seem to care. Other women would kill to have such a wonderful opportunity to hold on to him, except for her.