Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1054 4

Chapter 1054 Implicated By Her Part Five


But this was also the exact reason Lu Yinan wanted to humiliate Zhou Shuang and teach her a lesson. He wanted to subdue her but due to his carelessness, it had only resulted in three children.

Lu Yinan thought gloomily as he lit a cigarette and began to smoke.

‘Zhou Shuang, I didn’t imagine that you were such a person. What is your motive for getting yourself pregnant?’

‘Is it your first time being with a guy? You’re such a loose woman. Who knows who the real father of the children is, anyway. They can’t be mine.’

He was mulling over how he had gotten the news of Zhou Shuang being pregnant, and he had stormed off in a rage to look for her. Lu Yinan was suddenly very regretful of his actions and harsh accusations.

He had never been so regretful before.

He had been reflecting in the past few days and realized that he had gone overboard. But at that moment, his guilt and regret had culminated.

They might not have feelings for each other and were just ex-classmates. But hurtful words would have hurt an ordinary person’s ego and pride.

That was why she had rushed to get an abortion on that same day.

Just like what Wen Xuxu had said, even if Zhou Shuang really aborted the children, what losses would he incur? Who wouldn’t be able to afford the abortion fees?

Lu Yinan twiddled his phone in his hand absentmindedly. His cigarette burnt until the edge, and it had burnt his fingers.

He snapped to his senses and flicked the cigarette into the bin. He searched for Zhou Shuang’s name on his phone. He still saved her name as ‘hooligan’.

‘Hooligan, come back and let’s raise the children together.’

He deleted and retyped the words over and over again. It took him all of his courage and determination before he sent the text.

A pang of overwhelming guilt and regret towards Zhou Shuang were swallowing him alive.

She had been such a carefree and jovial woman and these three children would definitely turn her life upside down.

Even if he agreed to giving the children to Zhou Shuang, there was no way his family would agree.

What would Zhou Shuang do?

Yan Rusheng ended work and went to Su Yue’s school on Xuxu’s instructions. Xuxu wanted him to bring Su Yue out for a good meal.

It was already evening, and visitors and students were streaming in and out of the campus.

Yan Rusheng parked his car near the road and got down. He leaned against his car and called Su Yue.

Su Yue rushed to meet him, along with Bai Jing.

Yan Rusheng waved at them and Su Yue smiled brightly when she saw him. “Third Brother.”

Yan Rusheng smiled and threw his phone back into the car.

“Where is third sister-in-law?” Su Yue peered inside and was disappointed that Xuxu wasn’t there.

The two of them were extraordinarily close to each other and had always missed each other dearly. “Her belly is too enormous right now. She is giving birth in less than a month and it’s too far a journey for her.”

Su Yue’s eyes lit up and excitedly grabbed Yan Rusheng’s arm. “She is giving birth in less than a month?”

Su Yue was going to be an aunt!

Looking at how happy she looked, Yan Rusheng curled his lips unconsciously. He pinched her cheeks in an affectionate way. “Yes, yes. You’re going to be an aunt in less than a month.”

“That’s great!” Su Yue happily proclaimed. She gazed at him, looking curious. “Then why are you here?”

Yan Rusheng’s face faded a little and said, “Your third sister-in-law asked me to, and I have something I want to tell you too.”

He glanced fleetingly at Bai Jing.

Bai Jing could tell that Yan Rusheng had reservations telling Su Yue stuff with her around. Disappointment flitted past her eyes, but she still managed a smile. She softly said, “Su Yue, I’m going to the convenience store to buy some stuff. I’ll settle dinner myself.”