Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1057 1

Chapter 1057 Implicated By Her Part Eight


Su Yue grinned and cheekily replied, “Girls look cooler with a tan.”

Xuxu didn’t know what to say.

This girl had claimed that racing was cool, tattoos were cool and now getting tanned was cool as well

Was she trying to idolize gangsters?

“Hurry up and eat.” Xuxu pushed a bowl of soup towards Su Yue and scooped rice for her.

“I read the news about you asking for your instructor for his number.” Mu Li’s voice sounded from across the table. She smiled and praised Su Yue. “Little girl, you’re really brave.”

Yan Weihong immediately chided her. “You should concentrate on studying. You’re still young, don’t attempt to do these silly things again.”

Mu Li shot him a murderous glare and raised her voice. “Luckily, she wasn’t educated by an old-fashioned fogey. Your overly conservative mindset will hamper her growth.”

And they started to bicker again.

Xuxu watched them in amusement as she shook her head helplessly.

They never failed to argue during meals.

Mu Li ignored Yan Weihong and inquisitively inched forward to Su Yue. “Yueyue, so what happened to you and the instructor?”

Xuxu didn’t know what to say.

Could this middle-aged woman be more serious and act properly?

Su Yue pursed her lips. “It wasn’t me who wanted his contact number. Someone else did, but no one dared to do it.”

She spoke in a disapproving tone.

“Love needs courage.” Madam Mu Li began to impart her knowledge to Su Yue. “Yueyue, if you meet a guy you like, be brave and profess your love. Don’t hold back.”

Upon hearing this, Yan Rusheng reluctantly looked at his mother. “Why didn’t you teach that to our Miss Wen Xuxu when she was young?”

If she had, they wouldn’t have taken such a tedious and arduous road.

Wen Xuxu was in love with him for so many years and he had been oblivious. If only Wen Xuxu had the courage to profess her love for him, perhaps he would have realized as well?

“Haha.” Mu Li laughed grimly.

“Finish your food. There is never a peaceful meal with you around.” Yan Weihong berated Mu Li as he looked at her in disdain.

Mu Li slammed her chopsticks on the table and said in a high-pitched voice, “So now you’re complaining that I’m too noisy? Who was the one who said that he liked me chattering to him all day long and that my voice was as pleasant as a nightingale?”

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were speechless.

Su Yue couldn’t control herself and spat out a mouthful of soup. Luckily, she was able to cover her mouth in time. Otherwise, all the dishes would have been splashed over with her saliva and food.

Xuxu hastily passed her tissues to Su Yue.

Su Yue raised her head to look at Mu Li. “Second Uncle is lying to you. If you keep talking, it would be so annoying.”

There was silence.

She had spoken unnecessary comments once again and added fuel to fire.

It exasperated Xuxu. How on earth would they be able to finish this meal in peace?

After dinner, Xuxu pulled Su Yue into her room. She opened her wardrobe and took out a bag of clothes. “Yueyue, these are the new clothes that your aunt and I have bought for you.”

She then took out a pale blue floral dress and told Su Yue. “This is for Bai Jing. Pass it to her later.”

Su Yue smiled happily. “Okay! She will be so happy.”

Xuxu smiled and placed the dress back into the bag. She then led Su Yue to the bed and solemnly said, “Yueyue, even if you don’t like a person, you can never splash them. Simply ignore them, do you understand?”

She gazed intently at her tanned face and began to brush her hair.