Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1058 1

Chapter 1058 Implicated By Her Part Nine


Su Yue frowned in protest. “They’re so annoying and they keep pestering me.”

“Tell your teachers then,” suggested Xuxu.

She hesitated and paused for a moment. “Your way of dealing with them is too extreme. Ignore them in the future regardless of what they say. If you are really angry, tell your Third Brother instead so he can deal with them.”

She had hit and splashed guys, although most guys wouldn’t retaliate and hit a girl back. But what if someday she had a row with a girl?

If she hit a girl, she would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Xuxu felt the need to guide and advise her.

Su Yue was always receptive to Xuxu’s advice and she obediently nodded as usual. “Okay.”

Xuxu smiled in relief. “Are there many handsome boys in school?”

“They are not as handsome as Third Brother.” Su Yue pondered for a moment before adding, “Not as handsome as the old man Uncle Ming as well.”

The old man Uncle Ming.

This girl is someone who couldn’t be offended at all. Xuxu chuckled before reminding her once more. “The military training will be very tough, remember to buy good and nutritious food for yourself. There are food stalls right at the entrance.”

“Third sister-in-law, Third Brother mentioned that you’re giving birth next month. Stop worrying about me,” Su Yue reassured her as she tenderly rubbed her belly.

Her eyes were twinkling with excitement and she beamed with happiness.

Xuxu bit her lip and gazed at Su Yue’s tiny face. “Yueyue, you’re more sensible now.”

Su Yue replied, “I’ll go to the hospital and accompany you when you give birth.”

Xuxu nodded. “Certainly.”

Across A University, in a dark park with dense trees, a skinny girl was leaning against a tree trunk. Fear was etched on her face as she eyed the man who was leering at her.

The man drew dangerously close to her and his face was inches away from the girl.

“Your training ends next Monday and Tiantian is having her birthday celebration. Bring Miss Su along.”

He drawled. His voice was chilly and commanding.

“We start lessons next week,” Bai Jing answered as she averted her face. She was tightly clenching her jogging pants and her whole body was trembling in fear.

“You have lessons at night?” Lei Yong lifted his eyebrows as he questioned her. He sneered at her and continued, “Bai Jing, don’t forget that all your school and daily expenses are paid for by the Lei family. And Tiantian is your mother’s daughter.”

Bai Jing tightened her grip. The last ounce of her resistance and pride had vanished.

She peered down in defeat and meekly answered, “I got it.”

Her face was still turned away to avoid Lei Yong’s gaze.

Lei Yong was livid and forcefully pinched Bai Jing’s chin. He forced her to turn her face towards him and leered. “Why are you putting up this facade of nobility and purity?! Huh?”

He gritted his teeth before forcibly kissing Bai Jing.

Bai Jing struggled and writhed. Mustering all her strength, she pushed Lei Yong away. She hastily retreated in a fluster as she defensively covered her chest.

She was shivering badly with fear as she stared at Lei Yong.

“Second Brother, please don’t do this.” She shook her head and her voice was quivering so badly.

She retraced her footsteps as she spoke.

Lei Yong knew that she had given her promise and stopped his actions. He warned her, “If you don’t settle Miss Su and the deal with Flourish & Prosper falls through, you will have to marry President Chen. This is a warning.”

He deliberately paused and the corners of his mouth curled slyly. “Although he is divorced with two children, it’s not beneath your status. You’re considered lucky to marry someone like him based on your family background.”