Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 Implicated By Her Part Ten

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Bai Jing heard Lei Yong’s threat and her eyes were filled with fear. “You have no right to force me.”

Lei Yong sneered. “Say that to my face only when you’re capable or powerful enough to resist.”

He turned and marched away towards the entrance of the park.

Bai Jing watched as the tall figure slowly diminished out of her sight. Her heart gradually stopped pounding frantically.

She retreated and fumbled on a tree in the darkness and leaned against it for support.

It was a pitch-dark night and the darkness gave her an inexplicable abyss of fear.

‘Say that to my face only when you’re capable or powerful enough to resist…’

Bai Jing’s hands were almost digging into the tree trunk in fury.

The chauffeur sent Su Yue to the dormitory and left only after she entered as what Xuxu had firmly instructed him.

Su Yue took out her keys and quietly opened the door, thinking Bai Jing might be asleep.

The lights were still on in their room and the temperature was constant. She glanced at Bai Jing’s bed, but it was empty.

She closed the door and glanced at the direction of the bathroom. The door was shut and so she guessed that Bai Jing was inside.

Gushing water sounds were soon heard.

“Bai Jing, aren’t you asleep?” Su Yue spoke.

Bai Jing responded and turned off the tap. Next, the sound of her rinsing her mouth was heard.

Su Yue had showered at home earlier. She strode across the room and placed the bag of clothes on the floor before changing into her pajamas.

When she was done, the bathroom door opened and Bai Jing came out.

It shocked Su Yue when she saw Bai Jing. “What happened to your mouth?”

Bai Jing’s lip was bleeding and her lips were red.

She bent her head and dismissed it. “I’m fine. I accidentally fell in the shower just now and knocked myself.”

She hastily replied and walked to her bed.

Su Yue noticed nothing amiss and smiled. “My third sister-in-law bought a dress for you. It’s really beautiful.”

She walked to the bag of clothes and took out the blue dress for Bai Jing.

Bai Jing stared at the dress in surprise. “You went back home?” asked Bai Jing.

“Yes, my third brother said that Third sister-in-law missed me and I missed her too,” replied Su Yue.

She pointed at the bag and whined softly. “Third sister-in-law bought a load of clothes for me again. But it’s all white and pink, so uncool.”

She pressed her lips and sat down on the bed before lying down.

Bai Jing gazed at the bag and felt conflicted about it.

‘My third brother said that Third sister-in-law missed me and I missed her too…’

‘That little girl from the Yan family might be an illegitimate daughter but she is loved by all of them. Make sure you win her favor…’

‘If you don’t settle Miss Su, you will have to marry President Chen…’

Bai Jing was lost in her thoughts and laid on her bed in a daze.

Su Yue’s sleepy voice sounded. “Bai Jing, I’m sleeping now. Good night.”

She yawned and her voice and tone sounded completely at ease.


Bai Jing muttered in response after a long while.

After a few weeks, everyone’s biological clock had been properly trained to wake up before 6 a.m. each morning, including Su Yue.