Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1061 5

Chapter 1061 Implicated By Her Part Twelve

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Su Yue pursed her lips and was speechless. Just not too long ago they were agreeing with her—such fence sitters!

She was still indignant and glared at the instructor. “You’re just finding an excuse to punish us.”

She then ran onto the running track.

“It’s all your fault for implicating us.”

Everyone caught up with her and started scolding her.

Su Yue pretended that she couldn’t hear them. She couldn’t be bothered to.

Bai Jing also couldn’t take it any longer. She stepped up for her and said, “She knew that the instructor was trying to make things difficult for us. She was just trying to help all of us redress an injustice.”

“Who are you? Who are you to speak up for her?”

“Exactly, she’s the school belle and she’s rich, that’s why you follow behind her every day, right?”

Their remarks became harsher.

Su Yue turned around and her piercing stare landed on those girls with the sharp tongues.

They were glaring at her with haughty airs.

Su Yue coldly glanced them and said nothing.

All along, she would ignore the people she disliked and would only turn to her fists when she couldn’t take it any longer.

By then, Bai Jing had already run to the front of the group, her pace increasing.

Su Yue frowned and chased after her. “Bai Jing, ignore them. They’re annoying and are always complaining.”

Bai Jing turned around and gave her a smile.

Seeing that, relief washed over Su Yue.

Luckily, their words hadn’t affected her.

After the two kilometers, all of them fell flat on the grass field. Some couldn’t even complete the five rounds.

Many bore grudges against Su Yue since they had to run an extra round because of her.

On the first day, she had become the school belle of A University and was the envy of many, and now it seemed like she had even more enemies.

Su Yue panted heavily against a big tree.

Bai Jing leaned against a neighboring tree, her head bowed and sweat dripping profusely. Her fringe covered the upper half of her face that nobody could make out her expression.

Su Yue saw the beads of perspiration dripping from her. Concerned, she asked, “Bai Jing, are you thirsty? I’ll go get a drink.”

Bai Jing lifted her head and looked at her. “Later, when the instructor says we can rest.”

She then turned around and walked towards the instructor.

Su Yue watched her retreating figure and felt that Bai Jing was unhappy. However, she couldn’t pinpoint what emotion it exactly was, nor find the right words to describe it.

The last day of military training ended and cheers flooded the field. Everyone couldn’t wait to change out of their camouflage uniforms.

When they returned to the dormitory, Su Yue showered first. By the time Bai Jing was out, she had already blown dry her hair.

She said to Bai Jing, “Let’s eat out today. My third sister-in-law says that we can go out more often to eat delicious food.”

Bai Jing shook her head gently. “I’m too tired. I don’t want to go so far.”

“Mm,” Su Yue pouted. “Okay then.”

Actually, she really wanted to eat out. She had been eating the canteen food for the past few days and she was getting sick of it.

But Bai Jing didn’t feel like going. Su Yue didn’t want to force her, but she didn’t want to go alone either.

Both of them went to the canteen. On the entire way there, including ordering, Bai Jing said less than ten sentences.

Su Yue didn’t know why she behaved like that all of a sudden. It could be because of the harsh words from the girls earlier on, but somehow she had an inkling it was more than that.

They were on such good terms and never bothered about each other’s financial status, so why would people’s comments affect her?

Su Yue lay on the bed, confused the whole day.