Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063 Will Never Allow Anyone To Take Advantage Of Her Part Two

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From what she knew, Su Yue had rejected invitations from a few of her classmates.

“Flourish & Prosper is inviting tenders for molds for our new product,” Yan Rusheng stated. It was clear that it held an underlying meaning.

“What does that have to do with Su Yue going over to their place for a birthday celebration?”

Yan Rusheng turned around and took the hair-dryer from Xuxu. He turned it off and put it on the bedside cabinet. He raised his eyebrows at her and asked, “Do you think Bai Jing would voluntarily invite Su Yue over to her stepfather’s place for a meal?”

Xuxu immediately knew what he meant. “You think they’re taking advantage of Bai Jing and Su Yue’s relationship?”

Yan Rusheng laughed coldly.

“Then we shouldn’t let Yueyue go,” Xuxu said, picking up her phone and dialing her number. “I don’t want anyone to take advantage of our Yueyue.”

She had finished dialing her number when she suddenly remembered that it was late and they were definitely already in the dormitory.

She felt that telling her that matter over a phone call wasn’t very convenient, and so she sent her a text instead. “Yueyue, your Third Brother and I will pick you up and bring you home tomorrow. Don’t go over for the celebration. You can pass the present to Bai Jing.”

Su Yue didn’t reply long after she sent the message out.

Xuxu kept waiting. Yan Rusheng made her lie down and said, “Wife, go to bed. The little lass must have fallen asleep after a tiring day of military training. Call her tomorrow.”

He also didn’t approve of Su Yue going over to the Lei household.

Taking care of Bai Jing was one thing, business was another.

There was no need for the two to intertwine.

Xuxu nodded. “Okay.”

She placed down her phone and lay down.

Yan Rusheng purposely rolled over until he was beside her. “Darling.”

Xuxu looked at him with a face of caution. “What do you want?”

Yan Rusheng saw the lack of spirit in her eyes and hurriedly shook his head. “Nothing much, I just wanted to call you.”

He then shifted back, not daring to be too close to Xuxu.

“Ah Sheng,” Xuxu suddenly called out as she held his face. She stared at him without blinking, her eyes full of emotion.

Yan Rusheng began to feel hot. “Darling, don’t look at me like that.”

F*ck. He didn’t even dare to pleasure himself for the past few days.

He hurriedly moved backward.

“Ah Sheng,” Xuxu called out, voice full of emotion.

Her gentle voice made Young Master Yan’s bones weak. He was about to lick his dry lips when the woman suddenly attacked him with a kiss.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes widened. He didn’t know what was happening, so he looked left and right.

Xuxu saw that he wanted to reciprocate but was wary. She grinned.

Slowly, she placed one hand on his neck and moved the other downwards.

“Mm…” Yan Rusheng groaned. In a moment, he felt like he had entered heaven.

He held her tightly. “Darling.”

It had been way too long since he released himself. He couldn’t hold it in any longer.

For the past ten consecutive days, waking early had already been a part of her routine. She turned on her phone to check the time and realized that her phone was flat.

She hurriedly plugged it in to charge.

That day was their first official day of lessons, and so they had to go to the classrooms earlier to mark attendance.

Both of them quickly showered and went to the canteen to have breakfast together before going to class.