Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065 Will Never Allow Anyone To Take Advantage Of Her Part Four

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Bai Jing managed a brief smile. “Quite alright.”

Xuxu glanced at Su Yue as she said, “Yueyue, I’m here to fetch you home. Your brother is coming back today.”

“My brother is back?” Su Yue’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.

Wen Xuxu nodded. “Mm.”

Su Yue suddenly frowned. “But I’m going to Bai Jing’s place to attend her sister’s birthday celebration.”

She had agreed to go. If she broke her promise, it would disappoint Bai Jing.

“Why don’t you let Bai Jing bring the present back to her sister?” Xuxu turned to Bai Jing with an apologetic expression. “Bai Jing, I’m so sorry. Yueyue’s brother is back and he has been abroad for a long time. But he will fly off again in two days’ time.”

A streak of disappointment flashed across Bai Jing’s eyes. Nevertheless, she still nodded lightly. “It’s… It’s alright.”

Xuxu observed her expression and it further ascertained Yan Rusheng and her conjecture. It was the Lei family who had instructed Bai Jing to bring Su Yue to their place.

The only reason they would want to get close to Su Yue was to establish connections with Flourish & Prosper.

She knew that Bai Jing had no say over that matter.

Xuxu empathized with Bai Jing, and so she warmly smiled at her. “Bai Jing, come over with Yueyue to our place on a weekend.”

Bai Jing nodded and agreed.

Seeing how quiet she was, Xuxu couldn’t bear to see her in such a state. She repeated once more. “Bai Jing, if you have any difficulties, you must let us know. Don’t suffer in silence. If there is anything we can help you, we will definitely do so.”

“Thank you, Third sister-in-law.” Bai Jing pressed her lips, but there weren’t any emotions in her tone.

Her phone rang inside her bag at that moment.

Her expression changed subtly as she rummaged for her phone. After glancing at the screen, she didn’t pick up the call right away. Instead, she bade goodbye to Xuxu first. “Third sister-in-law, I’m leaving now.”

“Sure.” Xuxu nodded.

After she left, Xuxu turned away from Bai Jing and sighed.

Su Yue noticed that Xuxu seemed troubled. Puzzled, she asked, “Third sister-in-law, what’s wrong?”

Xuxu shook her head and smiled. “Nothing much. Let’s go.”

She held Su Yue’s hand and walked to the car. Su Yue entered the car first, followed by Xuxu.

The chauffeur had sent her today.

Su Yue had her head bowed throughout the journey, and Xuxu knew that she must have felt upset that she had broken her promise to Bai Jing.

But how could Xuxu tell her the exact reason?

Su Yue had treated Bai Jing as her true friend, and she really liked her.

And she believed that Bai Jing had treated Su Yue as her friend, too.

‘Sigh .’ Unfortunately, that poor lass was caught in such a situation.

Xuxu began to regret that she didn’t stop Bai Jing from leaving with her mother.

If she had used Bai Jing’s father last words to stop her mother, it was likely that Bai Jing wouldn’t have agreed to leave with her mother.

At that point in time, she felt that Bai Jing’s mother had truly wanted Bai Jing to leave with her so that she could make amends. She assumed that Bai Jing’s mother would treat her well.

‘Perhaps… She really wanted to make amends, but her situation…’

Forget it. It was too late for regrets. Yan Rusheng and Xuxu wanted to observe for a while more, and if Bai Jing was really having a hard time, they would step in to intervene.

It was a good thing that she was staying in the school dormitory now.

It was afternoon and it was still early. Hence, Xuxu brought Su Yue to Flourish & Prosper.

The security guards rushed to welcome her. “Lady boss.”