Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1066 4

Chapter 1066 Will Never Allow Anyone To Take Advantage Of Her Part Five

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“There isn’t a need for you to be so formal with me.” Xuxu smiled.

She stroked her belly and held Su Yue’s hand with the other hand. She led the little lass towards the elevator.

Everyone politely greeted Xuxu and addressed her as ‘lady boss’.

“Yan Rusheng, I bought this for you in Europe. Look! It’s all handmade and designed by a famous designer.”

Xin Yanting had just stepped into Yan Rusheng’s office when she saw Xin Yanting flaunting a shirt right in Yan Rusheng’s face.

He was stony-faced. There was annoyance and contempt in his eyes, and he couldn’t conceal it anymore.

Xin Yanting looked as though she didn’t notice him and rattled on endlessly about the fine quality of the shirt.

Xuxu covered her mouth to conceal her grin as she stopped outside the door.

Yan Rusheng caught a glimpse of her and his handsome face softened right away. A gentle smile played at the corners of his mouth.

Xin Yanting halted when she noticed the change in his expression. She turned towards the door, looking suspicious.

Hostility blazed in her eyes the second she saw Xuxu. “Wen Xuxu, you’re here.”

She spoke as she walked towards her.

Xuxu entered and addressed her. “Miss Xin.”

Xin Yanting puffed up her chest and haughtily proclaimed, “I’m the General Manager of Flourish & Prosper. Address me as General Manager Xin.”

Xuxu smirked and corrected herself. “General Manager Xin.”

“Hmph.” Xin Yanting snorted coldly as though she was barely satisfied.

Her eyes darted to Xuxu’s belly and she looked visibly shocked. “Your belly is so huge. Are you giving birth soon?”

Showing off to Xuxu was what occupied her mind earlier on, she didn’t notice her belly.

It really startled her to see how big her belly had gotten.

Xuxu nodded in response. “Yeah, in less than a month.”

“Congratulations.” Xin Yanting rolled her eyes and drawled lazily. There wasn’t a hint of sincerity at all.

Xuxu certainly wouldn’t mind her lack of sincerity and she merely thanked her.

She walked to Yan Rusheng’s desk. “Are you busy today?”

“I’m not busy.” Yan Rusheng stood up and pulled his swivel chair for Xuxu.

The swivel chair was comfortable and huge and it was perfect for Xuxu.

“Water?” Yan Rusheng asked as he grabbed his cup. “I’ll get some water for you.”

He turned around towards the water dispenser.

Xin Yanting glared at him angrily and whined. “Yan Rusheng! I went on such a long work trip. And I came to look for you the minute I came back. Why didn’t you offer me water?”

Xuxu didn’t feel jealous at all; if anything, it amused her. This lady was such a fascinating and unbelievable creature.

She had blatantly flirted with someone else’s husband in front of the wife. To top it off, she complained that she didn’t receive the same treatment as the wife.

Other than Miss Xin, Xuxu reckoned that no one else could act in such a way.

Yan Rusheng didn’t even bother to look at Xin Yanting, and he strode over to the water dispenser. After pouring the water, he passed the cup to Xuxu.

“Third Brother, I want water too. Pour for me.” Su Yue suddenly spoke for the first time after she entered the room.

The corners of Yan Rusheng’s mouth twitched. How dare this little lass order him around?

Xuxu saw that Yan Rusheng seemed motionless and she urged him. “Go.”

Yan Rusheng responded with a vague ‘oh’ and turned around once more.

“Hmph!” Su Yue sneered at Xin Yanting in triumph.