Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1067 9

Chapter 1067 Will Never Allow Anyone To Take Advantage Of Her Part Six

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Yan Rusheng had poured water for both Wen Xuxu and Su Yue, while Xin Yanting was the only one who didn’t receive a glass. Miss Xin felt that they had humiliated her, and so she stomped her heels in anger. She turned around and stormed off.

Her heels were at least 10 cm high. It had produced loud thudding sounds.

Su Yue turned to Xuxu and covered her mouth in glee. Xuxu pointed at her and softly chided, “So mischievous!”

She knew that Su Yue had angered Xin Yanting on purpose.

“Hurry and drink.” Yan Rusheng placed the cup of water for Su Yue on the desk. “Your brother is back. He’s in the office next door.”

Yan Rusheng had barely finished his sentence when someone knocked on his door. The next second, the door flew open.

Su Yue cast a glance at the door and beamed. “Brother!”

Su Yan wore a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of well-fitted pants. His gorgeous face broke into a warm and affectionate smile at the sight of Su Yue.

Su Yue flew towards Su Yan and tightly clung to his arm. “Brother, Third sister-in-law said that you’re flying off in two days?”

Su Yan nodded. “Yeah, most likely.”

Xuxu smiled tenderly at the sight of their intimate interactions.

She raised her head and peered at Yan Rusheng. “Yueyue has improved so much, and she acts like a normal person now,” whispered Xuxu.

Although sometimes, she still went overboard with the way she acted.

All things aside, she was improving slowly, day by day.

In the past, she wouldn’t even speak to Su Yan. Not to mention, cozying up to him.

Her changes had overwhelmed Xuxu with contentment and joy.

Su Yue and Su Yan walked towards them, and Yan Rusheng stared intently at Su Yan. “What is Paramount up to over there?” asked Yan Rusheng in a solemn voice.

Xuxu tugged at Su Yue since she knew that they were discussing work matters. “Yueyue, I’ll take you on a tour around the company.”

She held Su Yue’s hand.

Su Yan glanced as Xuxu and Su Yue, and waited for them to leave the office. “They are trying to send more people to Flourish & Prosper to wrestle for more power,” replied Su Yan.

Yan Rusheng had expected this, and it hardly surprised him.

They had spent almost 70% of their assets just to gain 30% of Flourish & Prosper shares. Only a fool would believe that they weren’t intending to take over Flourish & Prosper.

Yan Rusheng’s eyebrows knitted closely and he fell silent. “Why did you bring Xin Yanting along with you? What do you have in mind?” asked Yan Rusheng.

Su Yan didn’t answer him and changed the topic. “Paramount is having cash flow problems as they pumped all their funds into purchasing Flourish & Prosper’s shares.”

Yan Rusheng eyed Su Yan suspiciously. “How did you know all these?”

Cash flow problems were a company’s top secret. At the very least, it wouldn’t leak out so soon.

How did Su Yan know?

“When is Chengnan’s project ending?” Su Yan asked instead.

Yan Rusheng replied, “Early next year.”

Su Yan pondered briefly before nodding. “Should be around the same time.”

As he studied Su Yan’s face, it enlightened Yan Rusheng all of a sudden. “The old madam wouldn’t approve of your methods,” replied Yan Rusheng, sounding serious.

Su Yan knew who Yan Rusheng was referring to, and he clammed up, looking unusually solemn.

Colorful balloons and streamers had adorned a luxurious mansion.

The little princess of the Lei family was celebrating her tenth birthday today and many guests turned up.

The atmosphere in the living room was bustling and lively.

On the contrary, the study on the second floor was hushed and solemn.