Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068 Yueyue Goes Missing Part One

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A slim girl stood in the middle of the study with her head bent. A pair of eyes were glaring at her intently, and she had clenched her fists tightly.

“Didn’t you say you were best friends with her? You couldn’t even persuade her to attend your sister’s birthday celebration?”

The whole Lei Family, especially Lei Yong, was furious with Bai Jing who had failed to bring Su Yue along with her.

His icy breath drew dangerously close to Bai Jing.

Bai Jing retreated in fear and her body was trembling. She spoke, sounding quivering. “Something cropped up at home. Her brother came back.”

Lei Yong inched and pointed threateningly at Bai Jing. He clenched his teeth and said, “Bai Jing, remember what I said before? This business deal means a lot to Grand Prosperity Molds, right?”

Bai Jing mustered her courage and questioned Lei Yong instead. “Are you sure that fawning on Su Yue will make the deal go through?”

Why must she pander to Su Yue?

Su Yue had already seemed far more superior in everyone’s eyes.

“You’re so close to her. Don’t tell me you’re unaware of her status in the Yan family?!” yelled Lei Yong. “Do you know how much Yan Rusheng and his wife dote on her?!”

Bai Jing jumped when he raised his voice and her eyes glimmered with tears.

Zhang Lihong, who couldn’t bear to sit any longer, stood up. She walked to Bai Jing and clenched her arms. “Lei Yong, that’s enough. Xiaojing can try her best to help, but if she can’t, you can’t force her to.”

“Mother, are you defending her?” Lei Yong turned and glared at Zhang Lihong. “Since she entered the Lei family, she is part of us. Shouldn’t she do something to contribute?”

Zhang Lihong sounded anxious as she spoke again. “Xiaojing can try her best to help. But she is still a child. How can you blame her if the business deal didn’t go through? Will Grand Prosperity Molds not be able to operate with Xiaojing?”

“She is the child you bore with someone else. We are not related at all. We are kind enough—”


Zhang Lihong forcefully slapped Lei Yong before he could even finish his sentence. She pointed at Lei Yong as she heaved a heavy breath. “Lei Yong, I’m warning you. Xiaojing is my daughter and she has nothing to do with the Lei family. But I do. Without me, Grand Prosperity Molds would never expand so quickly throughout these years.”

“Zhang Lihong, how dare you hit me.” Lei Yong touched his cheek and his eyes were red with rage.

The next second, he raised his hand and returned Zhang Lihong’s slap.

Zhang Lihong was incensed. She gripped Lei Yong’s clothes and began to hit him. “Lei Yong, you hit me!”

But how would she be able to win him in strength? Lei Yong shoved her aside and Zhang Lihong collapsed to the floor.

Zhang Lihong began to scream. “Lei Minghe! Your son hit me! Aren’t you doing anything?”

She glanced at the old man sitting on the chair as she yelled.

“That’s enough! We have so many guests here with us today. Is your behavior appropriate?”

The head of the Lei family, Lei Minghe finally broke his silence. He glared at Zhang Lihong and hatred flickered in his eyes. “It’s Tiantian’s birthday today. Stop your nonsense.”

He rose, grabbed his walking stick and walked towards the door.

He wasn’t that old but one of his legs wasn’t well, and so he had to use a walking stick as support.

Lei Minghe swept past Bai Jing. She barked an instruction, “Get changed and wash your face before coming down.”

He didn’t stop and strode out of the room.

Bai Jing bowed her head.

Zhang Lihong stood up and held Bai Jing’s hand. “Xiaojing, don’t be afraid. I will not let anyone bully you.”

After Lei Minghe and Lei Yong went out, Bai Jing finally raised her head. Tears had glazed her face as she stared at Zhang Lihong with hatred.

There was a mixture of emotions on her face.

Lei Yong had used all his strength to slap Zhang Lihong and her face was swollen as a result.

Bai Jing bit her lip and remained mum. She hastily turned around and ran out of the room.

Su Yue opened the dormitory door softly and entered the room. A weak light shone from Bai Jing’s bed—she was using her phone.

“Bai Jing, you’re back.” Su Yue shut the door and walked to Bai Jing’s bed.

“Yeah,” Bai Jing muttered softly. “Did you meet your brother?”

“Yup.” Su Yue smiled as she raised a bag. “I brought delicious snacks for you. My brother got it overseas.”

Even the darkness could not conceal how happy and cheerful Su Yue was.

Bai Jing quietly glanced at Su Yue and she seemed entranced. “Thank you Su Yue,” she softly said.

“You’re welcome.” Su Yue placed the bag on the table before walking to the wardrobe. “I’ll go take a shower,” said Su Yue.

Su Yue entered the bathroom and shut the door. Sounds of running water was soon heard.

Bai Jing glanced at the bag on the table.

‘My third sister-in-law bought me a load of clothes again…’

‘I brought delicious snacks for you. My brother got it overseas.’

‘Do you know how much Yan Rusheng and his wife dote on her?’

The expression in Bai Jing’s eyes hardened before gleaming quietly.

When Su Yue came out of the bathroom, Bai Jing had already closed her eyes. She assumed that she was asleep, so she trod softly across the room.

She quietly climbed into her bed.

She took a nap in Yan Rusheng’s office during the afternoon, and so she wasn’t sleepy at all. She grabbed her phone and began to browse through WeChat’s updates.

Zhou Shuang was the only person who posted frequently.

Su Yue suddenly felt a strange feeling of emptiness. She couldn’t put it in words as she didn’t know what she wanted.

She tugged at her collar and used the light from her phone to shine on the tattoo on her chest.

The tattoo was a lazy-looking cat who was sleeping.

Suddenly, her mind wandered to Ming Ansheng’s tattoo of a blackthorn apple flower.

Her heart began to pound involuntarily, and it was beyond her control.

She released her grip on her collar and shook her head, trying to get rid of her thoughts.

What should she do? Suddenly, she missed Uncle Ming so badly.

Su Yue clicked on WeChat once again and clicked on Ming Ansheng’s messages from weeks ago.

After he sent her home that night, he had sent her a text. ‘Little lass, I’m home. Good night.’

Su Yue read the message repeatedly.

‘Little lass… good night.’

Her heart seemed to jump out of her chest.

‘You’ll miss him if you don’t see him. And if you see him, you won’t dare to look at him. Your heartbeat changes…’

Bai Jing’s words echoed once more.