Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1069

Chapter 1069 Yueyue Goes Missing Part Two

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Su Yue flung her phone away and was trying to deny the revelation. ‘No, no, no! It couldn’t be!’ Uncle Ming was so old and he already had a fiancée. There was no way she had fallen in love with him.

Furthermore, Bai Jing had said that she wouldn’t dare to look at the person if she liked him. But she wasn’t like that when she was with Uncle Ming.

So it was impossible.

Su Yue pulled the blanket over her head and repeatedly denied.

And that was how she fell asleep.

The next morning, Su Yue and Bai Jing went to the canteen for breakfast before going for class.

After they came out of the canteen, a group of boys was headed in their direction, seemingly specifically towards them.

Su Yue appeared nonchalant as usual.

As expected, the boys stopped before Su Yue.

The leader who led the group was a very good-looking boy, and he was at least 1.8 meters tall. He was wearing a basketball jersey, and he radiated under the sunlight.

“Look! The school beau just met the school belle!”

Excited voices were heard.

“Su Yue.”

That tall boy briefly eyed Su Yue before speaking. After he called her name, he raised his eyebrows, looking even more charming.

Su Yue’s eyes darted everywhere, avoiding him.

The good-looking boy appeared unconcerned by her lack of attention. He formally introduced himself. “My name is Liang Zihua.”

Su Yue furrowed her eyebrows tightly. “I don’t know you.”

She responded coldly before sweeping past him.

Liang Zihua swiftly blocked her path. “We can get to know each other. I’m from the Computer Science course, year two, class four.”

“Excuse me.” Su Yue continued to frown, and she sounded impatient.

She had been handling such situations almost every single day.

“Be my girlfriend,” Liang Zihua loudly said.

His friends whistled to cheer him on. “School beau and school belle!”

Someone shouted and the rest followed suit.

“School beau and school belle!” More voices sounded.

“Excuse me.” Su Yue impatiently shoved Liang Zihua away.

Su Yue had mustered all her strength and Liang Zihua backtracked a few steps as a result.

Su Yue seized the chance to flee the scene, but Liang Zihua quickly gripped her arm. He glanced at her and lightly responded, “The whole school thinks we should be together.”

His smile made all the girls swooned.

But Su Yue looked as though she had just tasted something disgusting. She lifted an eyebrow as she questioned Liang Zihua. “Are you a clown?”

All of them were speechless.

How dare she call the school beau a clown?

How could she! All the girls might just beat her to death.

All the girls watching them were blazing with anger, but Liang Zihua merely smiled and it softened the girls’ hearts once more.

He glanced at Su Yue and gently spoke. “You’re very beautiful and you’ve got a character. I really like you.”

What a straightforward and gentle confession! All the girls were green with envy. How they wished they could tear Su Yue apart!

“Let go, you ridiculous clown!” Su Yue was enraged. She flung his hand away.

She marched away in a huff.

Everyone watched quietly as Su Yue vanished out of sight. They jeered at her.

“Su Yue.” Bai Jing ran after Su Yue and consoled her. “Don’t be angry anymore.”

“I am not.” Su Yue glanced at Bai Jing with a smile. “I just find him irritating.”

Bai Jing replied, “Just ignore him.”