Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070 Yueyue Goes Missing Part Three

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She stared at Su Yue, her eyes swirling with mixed emotions.

Su Yue nodded in agreement and gave Bai Jing a smile.

After one lesson, it was lunchtime.

Bai Jing and Su Yue walked along the path that led to the dormitory. Students came and went in a continuous stream.

Su Yue realized that they were all giving her weird looks.

Although everyone had been giving her extra looks after they had termed her the school belle, the looks they gave her that day made her uneasy.

Those looks were not unfamiliar to her, however.

Those were the same looks her classmates, friends, and teachers from the orphanage and at school back in Country Y gave her.

Su Yue’s expression turned cold. She hung her head and hugged her textbooks to her chest, quickening her pace.

“Su Yue, what’s wrong?” Bai Jing asked, concerned. She had also hastened her pace to catch up with Su Yue.

Su Yue didn’t answer her. She continued walking, her head still hung low.

Everyone that she met on her way looked at her in mockery.

Su Yue ran all the way back to the dormitory block. She took out her card and prepared to swipe it.

But a poster posted on the glass door diverted her attention.

“Su Yue, you’re an illegitimate daughter that nobody wants. Your mother is a mistress.”

Su Yue’s eyes widened. She opened her mouth in shock as she read the words on the poster.

‘You’re an illegitimate daughter that nobody wants. Your mother is a mistress; You b*stard child.’

‘Your mother was shameless. She seduced someone else’s husband. You’re an illegitimate child with no father.’

‘You illegitimate daughter… You illegitimate daughter…’

All of a sudden, memories of her being scolded and mocked by others flooded her mind.

Su Yue shook her head.

‘Slam!’ The books she was hugging fell to the floor.

She retreated backward.

“Who pasted these?” Bai Jing hurriedly tore the posters off the door. “Who is so immoral and heartless?” she angrily scolded.

“I’m an illegitimate daughter.”

Suddenly, Su Yue turned around.

“I’m an illegitimate daughter. I’m an illegitimate daughter…” she repeated to herself as she ran towards the East gate.

Indeed, Su Yue was an illegitimate daughter. Her mommy didn’t want her, and her daddy didn’t either.

She didn’t stop sprinting and similar posters were pasted all around.

The words ‘illegitimate daughter’ was like a curse that tormented her in her mind.

“Su Yue, stop running,” Bai Jing shouted as she ran after her.

But she couldn’t catch up with her.

Memory fragments of all the times she was humiliated, bullied, and looked down upon back in Country Y kept running through her mind.

‘Chicken wings, I want chicken wings.’

‘Continue shouting and I’ll throw you out to feed the wolves. You can only watch others eat.’

She exited the East gate and crossed the road, running into the open park opposite.

Bai Jing chased her all the way to the East Gate. When she saw her enter the park, she stopped in her tracks and took out her phone to call Yan Rusheng.

But nobody answered.

She hesitated before dialing Xuxu’s number.

When Xuxu heard the phone ring and realized that it was Bai Jing on the other end, she answered hurriedly. “Hello, Bai Jing.”

It was the first time Bai Jing was phoning her. Perhaps she was having some difficulty and needed help.

When Bai Jing anxiously explained the situation to her, Xuxu’s expression changed. “What?!”

Without waiting for Bai Jing to continue, she turned around and bolted out the door.