Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 Yueyue Goes Missing Part Four

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She opened the door and bolted through, running to the stairs and stomping down.

She hadn’t ended the call, so she talked to Bai Jing as she ran. “Bai Jing, look for her in the park first. I’m on my way now.”

“Xuxu! Be careful, there’s water.”

Mu Li heard Xuxu talking on the phone frantically, and so she came out of the dining room in a hurry to warn her.

But she was too late.

Xuxu stepped onto the puddle of water. She was still wearing slippers and was running frantically; as a result, she slipped.


She shrieked, trying to grab onto the staircase railings behind her, but her arms were too short.

“Xuxu!” Mu Li’s eyes widened to their maximum as she rushed towards her. She tried to grab onto her, but her hand only grazed Xuxu’s clothes.

Xuxu slipped and fell and the floor.

‘Dong!’ She knocked her head on the last step.

“Mother… My children…”

Xuxu fainted because of the knock on her head and her over-anxiety.

In her last moment of consciousness, all she could think of was her children.


Yan Rusheng was in a meeting with a few high-ranking executives. He ignored a few consecutive calls and only answered when he saw a call from Xuxu’s number.

He answered and heard Mu Li crying as she told him about Xuxu’s fall. The phone slipped out of his hand.

It fell onto the table and rebounded onto the floor.

“President Yan!”

He faltered for a second before coming to his senses. He stood up vigorously and rushed out of the meeting room.

At the hospital…

“Xuxu!” Yan Rusheng shouted. He had arrived at the hospital.

Yan Weihong was sitting on the chair outside the operating room. He had raised his head, and he looked very anxious. The entire ordeal had him obviously traumatized.

He heard Yan Rusheng’s voice and looked over. “Third Yan!”

Yan Weihong stood up agitatedly, holding onto the chair for support.

“Father,” Yan Rusheng greeted. Without stopping, he rushed towards the operating theater, holding Yan Weihong up for a moment when he walked past him. He pounded on the door of the operating room.


Xuxu’s agonizing cries of pain sounded from within the operating room. Yan Rusheng was anxious. It felt like his heart stopped beating. He clenched his fists and pounded on the door heavily. “Xuxu, Xuxu.”

On the way here, although the car was air-conditioned, sweat drenched his whole face.

Standing outside the operating theater and hearing Xuxu’s gut-wrenching cries of pain but being unable to get through the doors, he felt terrified and helpless.

Finally, the doors to the operating theater opened. A nurse drenched in sweat removed her face mask and glared at Yan Rusheng. “What are you knocking for?”

The nurse had barely opened her mouth when the tall man ran past her in a flash. He had barged into the operating room.

Xuxu was lying on the operating table, her black hair drenched in sweat and strands of hair sticking to her face. Her face was pale and her lips, frighteningly so.

She grabbed onto Mu Li’s arm with one hand and was clutching the blanket that covered her body with the other.

Her heart-wrenching cries rang in his ears and reverberated throughout his internal organs.

“Xuxu.” He dashed forward and grabbed onto the hand that was clutching the blanket. He wrapped both his hands around hers, bringing it towards her face.

Perspiration dripped from his sideburns endlessly like rainwater. They dripped onto Xuxu’s arm and her face.

His eyes were red and his dark pupils seemed shrouded with fog.

“Ah Sheng…” Xuxu’s eyes brightened when she saw Yan Rusheng.

It felt like she was worn out from wandering around in pitch-black darkness and had finally found the exit—a pillar of support.