Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072 Birth Of The Twins Part One

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She gripped his hands tightly, digging her nails into his flesh.

Yan Rusheng let her pinch him. How he wished she could pinch him harder—he deserved it for making her go through so much pain.


The matron of the City Women and Children’s Hospital personally delivered Xuxu’s babies. In a rhythmic and regular pace, she repeatedly asked Xuxu to push harder.

Xuxu gritted her teeth and gave another push with all her might.

“Almost there, one of their heads is already out,” the matron encouraged. “Just a little harder.”

She was drenched in perspiration as well. A nurse stood beside her, wiping her sweat for her.

The matron’s encouragement worked wonders. When Xuxu heard that one of her children’s head was out, her eyes gleamed for a moment and it rejuvenated her whole body.

She clenched her teeth and complied to the matron’s instructions.

“He’s out. He’s out.”

As a matron, she had delivered countless babies before. But at that moment, as she carried a small life in her arms, fresh from the womb and covered in blood, she was beyond exhilarated.

“It’s the brother. The older brother is out.”

The matron determined the baby’s gender and excitedly told Mu Li.

She then passed the baby to the nurse beside her, and she continued helping Xuxu deliver the other baby.

One of them was out, so the second one was much easier for her. The baby came out quickly, followed by a series of wails.

Mu Li had subconsciously let go of Xuxu’s hand. She walked over to the matron. Seeing the babies in the nurse’s arms, she wept tears of happiness.

Yet, Yan Rusheng’s gaze never left Xuxu’s face for a mere second.

“Wen Xuxu, it’s been tough on you.” He wiped her sweat, his eyes full of heartache.

He called her by her full name, not ‘wife’ or ‘darling’. It encompassed all the gratitude, love and respect he had for her.

Xuxu felt like she had just been brought back from the brink of death. She didn’t get a chance to feel relieved, nor look at her newborn babies. However, she suddenly recalled the call she had with Bai Jing earlier.

She grabbed onto Yan Rusheng’s arm tightly. Worried, she said, “Yueyue. Something happened to her in school.”

She told him, “Quickly! Go and look for her.”

It startled Yan Rusheng. “What happened to her?”

Feebly, Xuxu told informed him of whatever Bai Jing had told her earlier.

Coldness flashed through his eyes. “I…”

He was about to tell her that he would go over immediately, but Mu Li—who was watching the nurse clean the babies up—suddenly called out to him. “Third Yan, quickly bring Xuxu for a checkup. Especially for her brain.”

Yan Rusheng became anxious. “What’s wrong?”

Mu Li replied, “She was unconscious for a while. She only woke when we got to the hospital.”

“Alright.” Yan Rusheng nodded. He bent over, wrapped her up using the towel covering her body, carried her bridal style and walked out.

“But Yueyue. Yan Rusheng, I’m fine. You should find Yueyue quickly,” Xuxu reminded him anxiously. Giving birth had drained all her energy, so her voice was still weak.

Yan Rusheng continued walking and comforted her. “Don’t worry. I’ll get someone to find her now.”

But Xuxu couldn’t put her mind at ease if he had sent someone else. “No, you should go. Go.”

She said as she pushed him.

“Don’t be stubborn. I’ll get Ming Ansheng to find her,” Yan Rusheng murmured.