Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074 Birth Of The Twins Part Three

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When she saw this, Bai Jing opened her mouth in shock but she didn’t dare to comment.

Ming Ansheng was already drenched in sweat so the pouring of water didn’t make much of a difference. He only wanted the ice cold water to awaken his senses and calm himself down.

He had to be calm.

The phone in his pocket rang. He threw away the bottle in his hand and took out his phone. Yan Rusheng was calling.

He brought the phone to his ear, walking as he replied, “No.”

Yan Rusheng ended the call with Ming Ansheng. He returned to the room. Mu Li was feeding Xuxu some soup.

When Yan Rusheng entered, Xuxu frowned at him. She asked, “Ah Sheng, what did I tell you to do just now?”

Yan Rusheng smiled and walked towards her. “You asked me to call Ming Ansheng.”

After the checkup, the doctor determined that she had a severe concussion from her fall. For a period, she would show signs of amnesia. She had a high probability of forgetting the words or things she had just said or done.

“Exactly.” Xuxu remembered and suddenly asked with worry, “Has Ming Ansheng found Yueyue? Where’s Yueyue?”

Yan Rusheng had already walked over to the bedside and she grabbed his arm.

Yan Rusheng sat beside her and comforted gently. “Ming Ansheng is looking for her. Don’t worry. He said he saw where she was headed from the surveillance footages.”

Then Xuxu recalled and asked, “Has Su Yan gotten off the plane?”

“He just did,” Yan Rusheng replied. He knew what she was worried about and he assured, “Don’t worry, I haven’t told him about Yueyue.”

She was worried about everything.

Since she returned from the CT scan, she had been sounding like a broken record.

Xuxu nodded. Then she asked Mu Li, “Mother, have the babies drank their milk?”

Mu Li was a little speechless. “… they just did.”

The nurse had just carried them away after they had finished their milk. Her amnesia seemed serious.

She put down the bowl of soup and asked Yan Rusheng with a worried tone. “Third Yan, did the doctor mention how long Xuxu would take to recover?”

“One week to ten days.” Yan Rusheng continued, “But the amnesia should be gone after these two days.”

“Oh.” Mu Li was relieved. She then recalled something and asked, “Where’s your father?”

“Um…” Yan Rusheng looked around the room, but Yan Weihong was nowhere in sight.

Mu Li said with disdain, “He must’ve gone to the infant room to see his grandchildren.”

‘He had already spent his entire afternoon there. Preposterous!’

She said, “When you were born, he wasn’t this interested. I don’t know if he even spared you one or two glances the entire day.”

Yan Rusheng was speechless…

Tsk, wasn’t she talking about him?

He hadn’t gone to the infant room once. He stayed by Xuxu’s side the whole time.

After chiding Second Master Yan, Mu Li couldn’t help but stand up and tell them, “I’ll go take a look.”

Seeing Mu Li leave the room, Xuxu and Yan Rusheng smiled as their gazes met.

People were always quick to criticize others.

“Ah Sheng, call Ming Ansheng again. Ask if he’s found Yueyue.”

It had been less than five minutes and Xuxu was already asking Yan Rusheng to give Ming Ansheng another call.

As long as Su Yue wasn’t found, she was still on tenterhooks and she couldn’t relax.

“Close your eyes and go to sleep.” Yan Rusheng frowned and added, “The doctor said that you need lots of rest. Don’t worry so much. I guarantee that we’ll find Yueyue.”

Xuxu nodded and agreed. She closed her eyes obediently.

But less than ten seconds later, she opened her eyes again. She looked at him and said, “Ah Sheng, get the school to find out who pasted those posters.”