Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075 Birth Of The Twins Part Four

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Yan Rusheng was speechless. “Got it.”

Did she really need to tell him that?

Yueyue was hurt through this incident, but Xuxu slipped and had an early delivery because of it. Fortunately, both Xuxu and the twins were fine.

But Xuxu suffered a concussion from it.

How could he let the person behind all this runaway scot-free?

Xuxu closed her eyes. But again, she opened them after a while. “Ah Sheng, I can’t sleep.”

Her feelings were all over the place and she couldn’t calm herself. She was worried about her twins, and with Su Yue as well.

Yan Rusheng pulled back the covers, removed his shoes, and climbed onto the bed.

Xuxu frowned and looked at him warily. “What are you doing?”

She looked like she was protecting herself from a pervert. Young Master Yan was once again speechless at her reaction. “You just gave birth. It’s not like I’m an animal.”

He lay on his side, facing Xuxu. He propped his head up with one arm and gently patted her chest with the other, as though he were lulling a baby to sleep.

“You’ve always been one,” Xuxu murmured, pulling the blanket up and closing her eyes.

She could feel Yan Rusheng’s breath on her, as well as the body heat he radiated. She felt heartened.

Giving birth had drained her of all energy and she had been exhausted since a long time ago, but she was fretting over too many things. She was too anxious, and it made her have a hard time sleeping.

But now, under Yan Rusheng’s comforting presence, her tiredness started to kick in.

“Ah Sheng, remember to call Ming Ansheng later,” Xuxu reminded. She had already yawned countless times and tears had drenched her eyes.

Before she fell into a slumber, she didn’t forget to remind him.

“Mm,” Yan Rusheng answered. She felt at ease.

Her breathing became shallow, but from the frown on her face, Yan Rusheng knew that she wasn’t sleeping peacefully.

Before she had given birth, he often observed her as she slept. Since a month ago, he noticed that she was showing signs of depression.

There were slight, sometimes extreme, changes to her temper and attitude.

Yan Rusheng started to worry that Xuxu was suffering from prenatal and postnatal depression.

His fingers gently caressed Xuxu’s eyebrows using his pinky.

It seemed like Xuxu found it comfortable, for her facial expression relaxed.

Yan Rusheng smiled. He lowered his head and kissed her between her eyebrows.

Then his gentle gaze returned to her pale face.

‘Wen Xuxu, I’m fortunate. Fortunate that I didn’t miss out on our entire love story.’

Ming Ansheng engaged the help of many people, but they still could not find Su Yue anywhere.

The sky darkened by the minute and Ming Ansheng felt like a huge rock had weighed down his heart.

He couldn’t find Su Yue. He was going crazy.

“Su Yue!”

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and yelled at the empty road.

He was venting all his emotions.

Bai Jing felt like the earth trembled and the mountains swayed. She stared at Ming Ansheng’s handsome face. Sweat had already drained his hair in the entire afternoon.

Suspicion flashed across her eyes.

Suddenly, Ming Ansheng turned around and looked at Bai Jing.

Bai Jing immediately pretended that she wasn’t sizing him up. She asked worriedly, “What should we do? Young Master Ming, think of something quickly. The clothes she wore today didn’t have pockets, so she didn’t have any money when she left.”

“Go back first,” Ming Ansheng replied plainly. He then continued searching around the park.