Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1076 4

Chapter 1076 Birth Of The Twins Part Five

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He had a feeling that Su Yue wouldn’t have gone far.

She must’ve found a place and hid. That must be it.

“I have to find Su Yue,” Bai Jing said adamantly, following behind Ming Ansheng.

Ming Ansheng said, “Go back.”

Bai Jing had been following him the entire afternoon. Probably because she was the same age as Su Yue, he couldn’t bear to let her continue.

Besides, she couldn’t do much by following him around.

This time, his voice sounded commanding.

Bai Jing hesitated before stopping in her tracks. Frightened, she replied immediately with an ‘oh’.

Ming Ansheng glanced at her and said no more.

Bai Jing turned around and started towards the school. After she crossed the road, she turned back to look at Ming Ansheng. In the dark of night, the tall figure was no longer as calm and composed as before.

Bai Jing’s eyes swirled with mixed emotions.

She bit her lip. After quite some time, she made up her mind and continued walking forward.

Ming Ansheng slowed down and came to a halt.

He looked across the road. The park was filled with dense greenery, a blanket of darkness.

The clothes she was wearing today had no pockets, so she doesn’t have any money on her

‘Little Lass, where on earth did you go?’

‘It’s so dark and late already. Aren’t you scared?’

He thought of how Su Yue could’ve been crying in a corner, her body trembling. His heart clenched and he felt like he was on the brink of suffocation.

“Uncle Ming.”

Ming Ansheng froze. His eyes widened, shimmering with excitement.

‘Is Is this a hallucination?’

A familiar, sweet voice sounded from behind him.

But he didn’t dare to turn around. He was afraid to get disappointed when he couldn’t see her small figure after he did.

This was the first time he had personal gains and losses had concerned him, too.

“Uncle Ming, I’m starving.”

A girl’s voice sounded from behind him once again. Ming Ansheng’s heart nearby popped out of his chest in excitement. He turned around vigorously. “Yueyue.”

Her small figure stood one meter away from him. He rushed forward and hugged her in his arms, carrying her.

He hugged her soft frame tightly. How he wished that he could bury her inside of him.

“Yueyue, Yueyue.”

Ming Ansheng lowered his head and kissed her hair. There were no words to describe his feelings.

He didn’t stop muttering her name.

Su Yue coughed. “You’re going to strangle me to death.”

Ming Ansheng realized that he had lost his cool. He let go of her quickly, holding her shoulders. He looked her from head to toe, his eyes full of emotions.

“Yueyue, are you injured anywhere?” he asked, rubbing her elbow.

He was afraid that someone injured her, even the slightest.

Su Yue shook her head. “No.”

Her bright eyes shone in the darkness.

She then rubbed her tummy and pouted. “I’m just starving.”

“I’ll cook for you at home,” Ming Ansheng said, holding her hand and dialing a number on his phone.

Not long after, his ride arrived.

When she got on, Su Yue leaned her head against the window and stared out lifelessly.

Her beautiful face was cold.

Ming Ansheng knew that she was insecure about her identity. But this was forced out of her because of the environment she grew up in.