Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078 Staying Overnight At His Place Part Two

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Su Yue removed her shoes and entered the living room barefooted.

She marched stiffly to the couch and collapsed on it.

Ming Ansheng shook his head looking half-amused, half-exasperated.

‘The lass could sure remember grudges well,’ he thought to himself.

Just because Tang Feiling had mocked her once and challenged her to a drinking competition, she still kept a grudge.

Her pettiness… was quite adorable.

Ming Ansheng thought quietly to himself and picked up the bedroom slippers. He strode towards her, and he patiently explained, “I bought this especially for you. Tang Feiling has never stepped into my apartment before.”

Su Yue blinked her eyes in confusion. “This is your place and she is your fiancée. Why hasn’t she?”

She had assumed that Ming Ansheng liked Tang Feiling.

She was such a pure and naive girl. If he didn’t like her, why would he get engaged to her?

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

It’s not that she didn’t want to come. He was the one who didn’t allow her to.

He had bought this own apartment and only his close friends knew where his place was. Did Su Yue think he would bring anyone over?

Furthermore, she was Tang Feiling.

“What do you want to eat?” Ming Ansheng ended the topic of Tang Feiling. “You must be hungry. I’ll cook noodles for you. It’ll just take a short while,” said Ming Ansheng.

Su Yue didn’t object and mumbled incoherently as a response.

Seconds later, she added, “I want tomatoes and eggs. Just like what I ate before.”

Ming Ansheng certainly knew what she was referring to.

‘I’m hungry. Why didn’t you give me food?’

‘I don’t want rice.’

‘I can’t cook, you cook for me…’

This overbearing lass!

He thought of the first time he brought Su Yue over and how she took up his entire afternoon. She even ordered him to cook noodles for her and had very specific instructions about her noodles. Ming Ansheng fondly reminisced and his heart softened.

He smiled affectionately and said, “I know. And I need to fry the egg first.”

“Yeah.” Su Yue curtly nodded.

“Wait for me.” Ming Ansheng turned around and walked to the kitchen.

Su Yue sat on the couch as she watched Ming Ansheng walk away. The smile on her face gradually sank.

She stared into space as her mind wandered and her thoughts flew away…

So many thoughts had occupied her mind.

Ming Ansheng brought the bowl of noodles out and saw Su Yue staring into space. Looking puzzled, he asked, “Are you alright? What’s on your mind?”

Su Yue snapped to her senses when she heard Ming Ansheng’s voice. “Nothing,” she denied.

She glanced at the bowl of noodles and beckoned him. “Give it to me. I’m starving.”

Ming Ansheng smiled tenderly and placed the bowl on the coffee table. “Be careful. It’s hot.”

“Okay.” Su Yue sat down on the floor and started to hungrily devour the noodles.

Ming Ansheng frowned when he saw her. “The floor is cold, sit on the couch.”

“It’s all right.” Su Yue raised her head with a mouthful of noodles in her mouth. She dismissed his concern by waving her hand.

Ming Ansheng had no idea where she was the entire afternoon. Her face was dirty, but she looked so adorable and hilarious.

“You look like a beggar!” He pointed at her as he gritted his teeth.

He was trying to suppress his burgeoning feelings. He had the urge to hug her.

Su Yue ignored him.

“I will take a shower,” Ming Ansheng informed her and went to his room.