Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079 Staying Overnight At His Place Part Three

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Su Yue finished her noodles at the same time Ming Ansheng stepped out of his room. He had changed into comfy loungewear after his shower.

A white T-shirt with a pair of gray Bermuda shorts which ended at his knees.

He strode to the couch as he wiped his hair.

Su Yue pushed the empty bowl aside and pulled tissues to wipe her mouth. She peered upwards to watch Ming Ansheng.

He had changed into casual clothes and it made him look younger and less dull.

She blinked several times.

Ming Ansheng walked to her and peered at her from a lofty position. “What are you looking at?”

“The hairs on your legs are so long!” exclaimed Su Yue as her eyes darted to Ming Ansheng’s legs. She even tugged at the hair on his legs.

The corners of Ming Ansheng’s mouth twitched.

Earlier on, she was obviously staring at his face. It had secretly delighted him since he thought she was admiring his looks.

Alas! The next moment, her attention had traveled to the hair on his legs.

How unpredictable could she be?

“Finished?” He steered the topic away from his leg and glanced at the bowl on the coffee table. She left not even a drop of soup.

How hungry was she?

Ming Ansheng shook his head in amusement before settling himself comfortably on the couch.

Su Yue jumped to her feet and sat next to Ming Ansheng. But she still had fixed her gaze on Ming Ansheng’s legs. “I feel that it’s unsightly if your leg hairs are long.”

Ming Ansheng frowned and he too peered at his legs.

Don’t all men have long hairs on their legs?

Lu Yinan, Third Yan included. ‘So this lass doesn’t fancy this?’

“Uncle Ming, let me shave them off,” Su Yue excitedly suggested, and she tugged at Ming Ansheng’s arm.

Why was the little lass so interested in his leg hair?

Ming Ansheng’s mouth twitched silently.

“Are you full?” he asked after falling silent for some time. Ming Ansheng pressed on quickly. “If you are full, go take a shower and rest early.”

Su Yue frowned as she asked, “I’m staying here tonight?”

For no reason, her heart began to palpitate wildly.

She hastily withdrew her hands.

She then fumbled for the cup on the table and began to take big gulps of water.

Ming Ansheng watched her soundlessly… That was his cup and the cup of water had been there since last night.

He had wanted to stop Su Yue from drinking, but a thought struck him abruptly just before he was about to tell her.

It was a blissful and happy thought.

Yueyue drank from his cup and drank his water. Even though she had done it unintentionally, it was still a kind of indirect kiss, right?

Su Yue finished the cup of water in no time and placed the cup on the table again.

Her heart, which was pounding furiously earlier on, had settled down. She blinked as she peered at Ming Ansheng. “Uncle Ming, Bai Jing will get worried if I’m not back. Can you call her for me?”

She knew that Bai Jing had searched for her this afternoon, along with Uncle Ming.

Ming Ansheng replied, “I’ll send you back to school.”

He was being selfish just now by taking advantage of her innocence and muddleheadedness, to make her stay at his place.

But it had slipped his mind momentarily that all men are selfish. He wouldn’t be satisfied with just once.