Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080 Staying Overnight At His Place Part Four

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Ming Ansheng and Su Yue werent supposed to get together at all. She was Third Yans cousin.

It was purely his ulterior motive.

"No, I dont want to." Su Yues face fell and she turned away like a child throwing a tantrum. "I dont want to go to school. Im never going back."

She laid on the couch, her body huddled. She buried her head with a cushion.

Ming Ansheng inched nearer to her and patted her gently. "Youre only 18 years old. What else can you do besides going to school?"

He bent and squatted next to Su Yue and continued to advise her. "Those gossips are unimportant since those people are merely strangers. Why do you have to care about their opinions?"

He continued, "They are jealous of you for being so outstanding and well-liked by everyone. If you drop out of school because of them, then they would have achieved their goal."

"Uncle Ming, will you despise me for being an illegitimate child?"

Su Yue began to sob.

Her tears made Ming Anshengs heart ached. He wiped away her tears in a haste. "Why did you cry?"

"Why must my mother be a mistress?" Su Yue carelessly wiped her tears as she spoke. She sounded like she was choking. "Without my mother, without me, my third brother and third sister-in-law wouldnt have so many burdens."

She knew that Second Brother had committed a crime and because of it he landed in prison. She was also aware that they sold the company shares to an outsider.

It was all because of her and her brother.

"Every life is precious and no one is a mistake." Ming Ansheng looked at Su Yue and solemnly said, "We all have our own purpose in life and there will be someone waiting for you."

He paused as he surveyed Su Yues face. He seemed entranced for a while before he continued. "Waiting for you to light up his life."

Yueyue was so wonderful and perfect. Who would be the lucky guy to walk down the aisle with her and to lift her veil?

"Really?" Su Yue blinked, looking doubtful. "How can I light up his life?"

"If you dont want to go back to school, Ill send you home." Ming Ansheng rose and peered at Su Yue. "Your third sister-in-law has given birth."

"What?" exclaimed Su Yue. "Third sister-in-law has given birth!?"

Ming Ansheng patted Su Yues head gently. "Silly girl."

He turned around to get his car keys when Su Yue suddenly stood up. She tugged at Ming Anshengs arm. "Uncle Ming, why did my third sister-in-law give birth today? Wasnt her due date weeks later?"

She stood on the couch and was instantly slightly taller than Ming Ansheng.

Ming Ansheng peered slightly upwards at her. "There was a minor accident and hence she gave birth today. She is at the hospital now."

Su Yue was overjoyed and she said, "I want to call my third sister-in-law."

Her sorrow and troubles seemed to vanish without a trace instantly.

She bent, sat down and grabbed her phone.

She dialed Xuxus number and Yan Rusheng answered after a few rings.


Yan Rusheng sounded a little excited even though Ming Ansheng had already informed him he had found Su Yue. But she had gone missing for the whole afternoon, and both Xuxu and he were so anxious and worried. He finally heard her voice with his own ears and naturally, he was slightly emotional.