Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Two

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Xuxu continued to dish advice and consoled Su Yue. "We cant control others or their opinions. But we can change our mindset and perspectives. Its good to keep our emotions in check and sometimes, we need to control our temper."

Young Master Yan glanced at Xuxu; his wife was serving chicken soup for the soul once more.

But his wifes advice really helped every time.

Especially this little lass.

"All right, I got it. I wont let Third sister-in-law worry in the future." Su Yue nodded and continued, "They are just jealous of me."

Xuxu smiled in relief. "Its good that you understand."

When she heard Bai Jing yesterday, she was so afraid that Su Yue might do something drastic, given her extreme mindset and personality.

She still needed to spend more time with her to make sure that the word illegitimate child wont affect her. She wanted to bring Su Yue out of her traumatic childhood back in Country Y.

"Oh, yeah." Su Yue suddenly thought of something and she turned to Ming Ansheng. "Uncle Ming, give me my phone."

Her clothes didnt have any pockets, and she had to hold on to her phone for the entire afternoon yesterday.

She found it too troublesome, so she put it inside Ming Anshengs pocket that morning.

Ming Ansheng took out Su Yues phone and passed it to her.

"I need to call Bai Jing. She will be overjoyed to know that you have given birth." Su Yue received her phone and dialed Bai Jings number with a smile.

Su Yue saw how happy Su Yue was and her gaze became profound.

This pure and innocent girl was too nave. If she treated someone as her friend, she would pour her entire heart and trust that person completely.

Fortunately, Bai Jing was quite an honest girl, if not


Nevertheless, she still felt that being too innocent and nave wasnt such a good thing.

"Bai Jing says she will visit you after school."

Su Yue informed Xuxu happily after she hung up.

Xuxu smiled and asked, "Do you want to go back to school with her later?"

Su Yue bowed her head and pursed her lips. She hesitated before nodding. "All right then."

Xuxu knew that she wouldnt be able to change her mindset at once. "Remember this, they are jealous of you. Thats why they will think of different ways to attack you so you will leave on your own accord."

"I will," Su Yue agreed, nodding.

They continued chatting and Ming Ansheng casually surveyed the room. Then his eyes landed on Yan Rusheng and he teased him with a grin. "Third Yan, youre finally a father. When are you planning a get-together?"

Yan Rusheng glanced at him and casually quipped, "Do you feel especially pressured right now?"

Although his expression was impassive, he sounded exceedingly smug.

"Why should I feel pressured?" Ming Ansheng shrugged and grinned. "Shouldnt Lu Yinan be the one pressured instead?"

"Thats true." Yan Rusheng chuckled. "But once he settles that hooligan, he would be fine. As for you"

Ming Ansheng appeared unconcerned as he retorted, "I can settle down any time. Its just a matter of getting married and having a child."

Unconsciously, he fleetingly glanced at Su Yue. It was too swift for anyone to notice.

Yan Rusheng grinned without denying his comment.

That was indeed true for Ming Ansheng. It was just a matter of marriage and having kids.

"Im going to visit the two little ones," said Ming Ansheng.

Su Yue jumped to her feet and excitedly said, "Me too! Me too!"

She really wanted to visit the babies.

Ming Ansheng smiled and turned around and Yan Rusheng led the way.