Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1090 1

Chapter 1090 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Eight

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They followed Yan Rusheng into a private room.

It wasn’t big, but it luxuriously furnished. Yan Rusheng randomly picked a seat and sat down. Naturally, Su Yue sat beside him.

Bai Jing walked to the other side of Yan Rusheng and pulled out the chair, sitting on it.

Her actions looked natural and it looked like she had picked a seat randomly, so nobody took notice.

The waiter passed Yan Rusheng a menu.

Yan Rusheng didn’t take it from him. Instead, he leaned against his seat lazily and said, “You girls can order whatever you want.”

He was with two young girls, so obviously he didn’t know what to order.

“Bai Jing, why don’t you order,” Su Yue suggested, pushing the menu to Bai Jing.

Bai Jing shook her head. “You go ahead, I’m fine with anything.”

Then she pushed it back to Su Yue.

It was just a few dishes, so Su Yue didn’t bother disagreeing. She took the menu and flipped it open, quickly ordering a few dishes.

Of course, she didn’t forget about her chicken wings.

As Yan Rusheng had mentioned, most restaurants had chicken wings on the menu.

“I’m done,” Su Yue declared, passing the ordering form to the waiter.

Yan Rusheng looked over at Bai Jing. Void of any expression, he asked, “Bai Jing, are you sure you don’t want to order anything?”

His tone was casual.

Bai Jing pressed her tips together in a smile and shook her head. “I’m fine with whatever Su Yue orders.”

Yan Rusheng said nothing else.

The waiter took the ordering form from Su Yue and ran through the list of orders before leaving the room.

“Third Brother.” Su Yue suddenly grinned at Yan Rusheng.

It confused Yan Rusheng. “Mm.”

Su Yue asked with a smile, “Do you feel super blissful right now.”

Yan Rusheng picked up the teacup and drank coolly. He smiled but kept his silence.

That was an obvious answer. He was feeling super happy.

Su Yue said, “The twins will be as smart and pretty as Third sister-in-law for sure.”

Yan Rusheng’s expression darkened. ‘ Why couldn’t they be like him?’

“The girl should be as virtuous and beautiful as Third sister-in-law, whereas the boy should be… as wise and responsible as Third Brother. That would be perfect.”

Bai Jing suddenly interjected from the other end of the table. Her voice was calm and clear, though not loud.

Yan Rusheng said nothing when he heard it. He gave Su Yue a look, which seemed to suggest: ‘Bai Jing is more eloquent than you.’

It served the dishes in the midst of their conversation.

Yan Rusheng picked up his chopsticks and gave Su Yue a piece of cabbage.

He kept quiet throughout the entire meal, other than taking food for Su Yue once in a while. Su Yue enjoyed her special treatment; she was used to it.

Bai Jing, on the other hand, felt a surge of envy when she saw Yan Rusheng passing food to Su Yue.

Su Yue was really blessed; even more so than her third sister-in-law.

“Bai Jing, help yourself to the chicken wings.”

When the chicken wings were served, Su Yue took two of them for Bai Jing.

Bai Jing pressed her lips together in a tight smile. She was still feeling a pang of jealousy.

She bowed her head and chided herself. Why couldn’t she control her emotions? Life was predestined from birth, so why was she envious of others?

She had a loving father. Although they weren’t very well-to-do, he never failed to spoil her like his little princess.

‘Bai Jing, don’t entertain foolish ideas.’

Deep down, she was clear that some things were simply impossible. If she didn’t put an end to her extravagant wishes, it would lead her to a point of no redemption.

After the meal, Yan Rusheng arranged for a chauffeur to take Bai Jing and Su Yue back to the university.

Yan Rusheng returned to the ward. Mu Li had already left, so he was alone with Xuxu.