Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1091 1

Chapter 1091 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Nine

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The nanny they hired stayed in the room for nurses who were working overtime. Other than changing the diapers and the like, she wasn’t of much use.

Because the twins were in the nursery room the whole day, under the care of professional nurses.

A while after Mu Li had left, Yan Rusheng suggested, “Let’s get the nurses to bring the twins back to the nursery room.”

Xuxu shook her head. “No, let them stay here for the night.”

She then leaned on her side and watched the twins. She helped them arrange the blanket carefully, eyes full of tenderness.

Yan Rusheng frowned. “Why?”

‘If they slept here, where would he be sleeping tonight?’

Xuxu said, “Mother said that the twins won’t be able to adapt to the taste of breast milk if they continue drinking formula milk. So I want to breastfeed them tonight.”

Breast milk was healthier, and she heard that children who drank formula milk weren’t as close to their mothers as compared to those that drank breast milk.

Yan Rusheng didn’t object. He went to the other side of the bed and knelt onto it with one knee. He stretched his neck, his head moving towards Xuxu’s front.

The closer he got, the smile on his face became more mischievous. “Then I shall get their milk ready.”

“What are you doing?” Xuxu hurriedly covered her chest, a look of vigilance as she eyed the man that was inching closer to her.

“Didn’t mum say that they couldn’t drink?” Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows naughtily. “Did you forget? She asked me to make sure their milk is ready.”

Xuxu’s face fell. “Scram!”

This hooligan, it had only been two days since she gave birth!

“It’s not like I’ve never s*cked them before, there’s nothing to be shy about.” The mischievous smile on his face widened, and he stretched to pull at her clothes.

Xuxu quickly used her arms to defend herself. “Yan Rusheng, you’re a hooligan.”

She gritted her teeth and pounded her fist heavily on Yan Rusheng’s chest.

Yan Rusheng wailed, his hand over his chest, acting like he was in pain. Feeling wronged, he complained, “Wife, I’m just trying to ensure that my children get their milk. You’re the one with the dirty mind.”

“You scoundrel!” Xuxu couldn’t stand him any longer. “Yan Rusheng, if you don’t shut your mouth, then you can get lost. I’ll ask Mother to keep me company.”

Then she moved to grab her phone.

“Don’t. Don’t.” Yan Rusheng hurriedly snatched it from her. “All right, all right, I’ll stop.”

He straightened up and placed her phone back on the bedside cabinet. Then he looked at the sleeping twins, a smile unconsciously flitting onto his face. He said, “I have some documents to take care of. I’ll get to work.”

He had brought all the urgent documents to the hospital so he could accompany Xuxu as he worked.

Immediately, he walked towards the sofa.

He sat down and opened his work bag, taking out his laptop and folders, and immediately got to work.

When he was back at the office, he couldn’t concentrate on his work. But at that moment, he worked with great efficiency.

He felt tired and drank some tea. He then snapped out of it.

He gazed at Xuxu. She was tilting her head, observing the two infants beside her.

The heartwarming sight softened his heart and delighted his eyes.

“Ah Sheng, I still think they’re really ugly.”

Xuxu suddenly lifted her head to look at Yan Rusheng. When their eyes met, she froze.

The warmth in Yan Rusheng’s eyes disappeared immediately and a dark expression framed his handsome face.