Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1092

Chapter 1092 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Ten

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How were they ugly?

They were their children—Yan Rusheng’s children. How could they be ugly?!

Xuxu initially thought her newborn babies resembled wrinkly old fellows. The more she looked at them, the more she felt that way.

This stupid woman must be too bored. She kept staring at the babies and even commented that they looked ugly.

Suddenly, he smiled at Xuxu and spoke gently. “They won’t be in a few days.”

Dear Young Master Yan, she commented that your son and daughter were ugly. Where did your overbearingness and arrogance go to?

Xuxu grunted as a response and laid down once again. She blinked as she stared at the ceiling.

Yan Rusheng had work to do, so he placed the cup on the table before he started on his work once more.

It wasn’t too long before the children began to cry.

After Yan Rusheng heard the cries, Xuxu’s voice sounded immediately. “Ah Sheng, Meowmeow is awake.”

“Okay.” Yan Rusheng put his laptop aside and strode over.

The baby was a little red, to begin with, and her face became even more flushed as she cried. Yan Rusheng gently scooped her up and cradled her. He began to hush her. “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Such a tall man carrying a tiny baby, and he sounded so stiff while he was trying to pacify the baby.

Xuxu burst into laughter when she saw such a scene.

“Why are you laughing?” Yan Rusheng glanced at her, looking suspicious.

Xuxu kept her smile and with a solemn voice, she replied, “Nothing.”

She continued, “I think she is hungry. Pass her to me. I’ll feed her.”

She lifted her shirt and it revealed her chest. Yan Rusheng bent and passed the baby to Xuxu gently.

He stared at Xuxu’s chest with lewd intent.

And a surge of violent protests emerged inside him.

F*ck f*ck f*ck! That should have belonged to him solely!

Now, these little babies had dominated his territory. He fervently wished that they could never s*ck the milk from Xuxu. With that, they can drink formula milk instead.

Young Master Yan, are you being a good father?

The baby can’t seem to s*ck properly and she began to bawl once more. Xuxu was getting anxious. “Ah Sheng, pass me the pump.”

She had to think of a way to solve this.

Yan Rusheng passed her the pump right away.

The baby finally stopped crying with the pump in her mouth. But after she was done, she began to wail once more.

Her cries gave Yan Rusheng a headache. “Why is she still crying?” said Yan Rusheng, with a gloomy tone of voice.

Xuxu answered, “She must have pooped. Go check.”

“I’ll get the nanny,” Yan Rusheng said as he turned around.

“Don’t call her,” said Xuxu. She frowned and pressed on. “It’s too late to call the nanny.”

Yan Rusheng’s expression hardened and he pointed at the baby. He seemed uncertain as he asked apprehensively. “You want me to…”

Xuxu replied airily, “She is your daughter.”

Yan Rusheng couldn’t make a retort and began to undress the baby grudgingly. A faint stench assailed his nostrils.

He furrowed his eyebrows and wore a pained expression.

He pinched the diapers, looking disgusted and threw it into the bin.

He then glanced at Xuxu, looking lost. “What should I do now?”

“Get hot water to clean her.”

The corners of Yan Rusheng’s mouth twitched as he watched Xuxu lying on the bed. He suppressed his temper and responded with an ‘oh’. He then turned around and walked to the bathroom.