Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1093 5

Chapter 1093 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Eleven

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Yan Rusheng brought a basin of water and placed it on the floor.

He then scooped the baby up.

“Yan Ru…”

Before Xuxu had finished her sentence, Yan Rusheng had already placed the baby into the basin.

Xuxu was doing her confinement and she didn’t turn on the air-conditioner. It was actually a little warm so the child wouldn’t catch a cold even if she were to take a bath in such way.

But his actions seemed so rough and careless… and Xuxu wasn’t too pleased with him. “Yan Rusheng, that is your daughter. Can you be any more unfeeling?”

F*ck. He had changed her diapers and personally given her a bath. Yet, she was still questioning if he was unfeeling?

Yan Rusheng bit his lips as he furrowed his eyebrows tightly. He had expressed his unwillingness and disdain in plain sight. “Let’s get the nanny. She will do a better job.”

“Hmph!” Xuxu sneered. “Your job as a father is really easy.”

“All right, all right then. I got it.” Yan Rusheng knew that he was in the wrong and began to bathe the little girl patiently and gently. With Xuxu’s guidance, he completed the process and covered the baby with a blanket.

Feeling contented and fed, the girl fell asleep.

Yan Rusheng sat at the edge of the bed and leaned backward. “Wife, I wasn’t too bad, right?”

Xuxu was speechless.

He had thrown his daughter carelessly into the basin and when he lifted her up from the basin, she could still spot some soap suds on her buttocks. She decided not to lecture him since it was his first time. How dare he claim credit!

Xuxu threw the man a dirty and cold look. “Scram!”

Although Young Master Yan was bursting with grievances, he suddenly smiled slyly and said, “Let me help my son get his milk supply ready. He should wake up any second.”

He was really swift this time around and caught Xuxu by surprise. He lifted her clothes and buried his head.

“Yan Rusheng! You…” Xuxu glanced downwards at the man at her chest. She stopped herself from lashing out at him when she saw his dark thick hair.

Perhaps… it might work?

Then she wouldn’t need the pump, and this method was much more convenient.

One second… two seconds… and a minute passed. The man still had his head buried in her chest and was staying motionless.

“Yan Rusheng?” Xuxu suspiciously looked at him and nudged him.

Suddenly, she heard some swallowing sounds and her face fell instantly. “Yan Rusheng…”

Xuxu clenched her teeth and pushed Yan Rusheng away. “You’re too shameless!”

Yan Rusheng sat upright and licked his lips. He frowned as he casually remarked, “The taste isn’t that good, actually. And it’s rather bland and smells slightly fishy.”

He was still licking his lips as though he didn’t have enough.

Xuxu was speechless.

The word shameless wasn’t enough to describe this man. He was way too outrageous and brazen.

How could he snatch food from his children!

How disgusting!

At that moment, wailing sounds broke the silence of the room.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes lit up and glanced at the little fellow. “My good son. You knew the time was ripe to inspect your father’s results.”

He bent and scooped the little fellow out from the crib effortlessly.

Xuxu wore an exasperated look as she watched the man before her. She really had an overwhelming urge to kick the man across the ocean.

However, loud protests in the form of wails informed Young Master Yan that he had failed.

The baby still didn’t manage to drink and Xuxu had to use the pump again.

The baby could only drink milk and after that, they would poop constantly. After being fed, he needed a change of diapers.