Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1095 1

Chapter 1095 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Thirteen

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Bai Jing eyed Su Yue in suspicion. “Su Yue, don’t you have someone you like?”

Her eyes darted to her tattoo the next moment.

Su Yue pouted as she began to think. She shook her head. “No…”

She contemplated for a while more before concluding. “I don’t think I have.”

She bent her head and bit her lip.

Bai Jing said that if she liked a person, her heart would pound wildly at the sight of him. She would miss him and wouldn’t dare to look at him.

But it was only true for the first two. And… she didn’t seem to miss him that much.

So, she concluded that she didn’t like Uncle Ming. She must have liked him like how she liked her third sister-in-law. She also missed Third sister-in-law when she wasn’t around.

Yes, this must be it.

Bai Jing smiled and didn’t press on.

The water gushed down as Su Yue washed off the soap bubbles on her body. Bai Jing’s eyes kept darting to the tattoo on her chest.

That lazy-looking cat seemed alive.

Her mind wandered to yesterday when she saw Ming Ansheng emptying the entire bottle of water over himself. She was so shocked to see him acting so differently, and he seemed so anxious.

To her, Ming Ansheng and Yan Rusheng seemed so unreachable, extraordinary, and aloof.

For Su Yue, he seemed to have lost his cool.

Only Su Yue was oblivious to everything.

If the incident didn’t happen yesterday, Ming Ansheng might not have revealed his inner feelings.

How could his thoughts be pure if he acted in that way?

“What’s on your mind?” Su Yue saw Bai Jing standing there in a daze. She eyed her, looking puzzled.

“Nothing much.” Bai Jing shook her head. “I’m done, your turn.”

They put on their pajamas and walked out of the bathroom.

Bai Jing was holding a phone as she laid on her bed. Her face fell when she received a message.

It was from Lei Yong.

“There is an event in the capital city on Friday. Many guests would be attending. I will send someone to pick you up on Friday afternoon.”

Bai Jing couldn’t help but shudder when she finished reading the text.

She knew the reason Lei Yong wanted to bring her along to meet the guests.

Bai Jing gritted her teeth in fury and her eyes flickered.

But why? Why did he have to force her?

No, there was no way she would listen to him. They had no right to force her to do anything.

Bai Jing didn’t send a reply to Lei Yong and deleted his text before switching off her phone.

Yan Rusheng felt as though he had just fallen asleep when the children’s cries jolted him awake.

He flipped over, feeling annoyed and intended to ignore it at first.

“Yan Rusheng, the children are awake.” Xuxu kicked Yan Rusheng when she saw no signs of him getting up. “Get up, they should be hungry.”

“These annoying fellows!” Yan Rusheng sprung upright and complained loudly. He glared at his daughter and son with fury in his eyes. “How many meals must they eat a day?!”

He dragged himself with sluggish footsteps and carried them up.

Xuxu instructed him, “Make milk for them. I don’t think I have enough.”

Yan Rusheng frowned and fell silent.

This entire night, after taking care of these two precious babies, it completely exhausted Young Master Yan.

It was almost dawn when he fell asleep.

Fortunately, they slept for a longer period.

It was 8 a.m. when he woke up again. Yan Rusheng rubbed his eyes as he sleepily got up.