Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1096

Chapter 1096 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Fourteen

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Xuxu was staring intently at her children.

‘Indeed, his importance had diminished so much ever since the children were born,’ thought Yan Rusheng. He was fuming jealous.

They were all lying next to her, and she only had eyes for them, too.

Young Master Yan was still seething with jealousy when someone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” he called out absentmindedly since he thought it was Mu Li.

The door flew open and a few guys entered. Lu Yinan was the first.

He wore a trendy outfit of a light blue shirt and white pants. He saw the sleepy Yan Rusheng sitting on the bed and teased, “Hey, Third Yan. Still not awake? Didn’t sleep well because of the children?”

Yan Rusheng threw him a long contemptuous look. “Are you looking for trouble early this morning?”

“I’m here to visit my nephew and niece. My visit has nothing to do with you.” Lu Yinan walked to the crib and bent to peer at the two little fellows.

All these guys had grown up together with Yan Rusheng, so it was just natural that everyone showered them with congratulations.

A towering figure entered at that moment and his presence was too dazzling to ignore. Xuxu glanced at him and it had her startled. “Did you all agree to come together?”

It was Jiang Zhuoheng.

He was dressed in casual clothes. His good-looking face looked visibly tired as he strolled in.

Lu Yinan quipped, “Ah Heng couldn’t sit still when he heard that you’ve given birth. So he rushed back from Australia and came here right after he landed.”

He then threw a meaningful glance at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng knew he had done it deliberately and didn’t bother to respond.

Xuxu glanced at Jiang Zhuoheng and raised her concern. “Why didn’t you take a rest first before coming?” asked Xuxu nonchalantly.

His flight must have been a long one. Needless to say, he should be exhausted.

Yan Rusheng was stony-faced and sneered quietly to himself. ‘Didn’t he have a sleepless night with the children around as well?’

Why didn’t she shower him with concern and ask if he slept well?

Jiang Zhuoheng shook his head lightly with a smile. “It’s all right. I’ll head home after looking at the children.”

He walked to Lu Yinan and bent to gaze at the babies. They were fast asleep, and he studied them with a gentle gaze.

Xuxu was such a wonderful and perfect woman. So her children would naturally be like her.

He loved everything that belonged to her!

“Hmmm.” Lu Yinan couldn’t help but gently stroke the babies’ cheeks as he gazed at them. “These two fellows look pretty decent.”

Yan Rusheng lifted an eyebrow and sneered. “Can you say something less ridiculous?”

“They don’t resemble you, Third Yan.” Lu Yinan straightened his back and grinned at Yan Rusheng.

“Bullshit!” Yan Runan glared furiously at Lu Yinan. “Your children won’t resemble you, more like commoners!”

All of them were speechless.

Lu Yinan was merely joking. Why was this guy…

“Oh yeah, how many months is Shuang pregnant now? When is she giving birth?” Someone smirked as they threw Lu Yinan a question.

Immediately, another guy interjected. “Yeah, let us know. We need to prepare red packets for our little nephews.”

“No, no. We should gather everyone and make a trip to Country M.”

“Do you want your children to become Country M’s citizens?”

“That’s for sure. Why would Shuang go all the way to Country M to give birth?”

Everyone joined in and caused quite a ruckus.

“Who are all of you to laugh at me?” Lu Yinan sneered as he raised his chin. “I get three at one go. How about you guys? Not even sh*t from you guys.”