Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1101 1

Chapter 1101 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Nineteen

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Yan Rusheng nodded in agreement.

He slightly bent his head and a cold and hard smile appeared on his face.

“Third Yan.”

His elders or his close friends usually used such a nickname.

“Yanting doesn’t have much work experience. Furthermore, everyone in the family had spoiled her. If she is lacking in any area, please put up with her,” said Jiang Shaomei slowly.

Yan Rusheng managed a smile. “President Jiang, don’t worry.”

“Vice-President Su and her…” Jiang Shaomei stopped midway before smiling once again. “It’s good that she wants to gain more experience.”

Her tone gave away her worries and concerns, but she sounded very helpless.

Yan Rusheng deduced that she must have talked to Xin Yanting but could not change her mind.

Jiang Shaomei put on a smile again as she expounded. “It’s good that Aunt Hua is assisting Yanting in the company. She has been a great assistant to me for over ten years, and with her around, President Yan can rest assured.”

The message she was trying to convey was obvious and Yan Rusheng didn’t need to think any further.

He smiled silently and waited patiently for Jiang Shaomei to reveal the real reason behind her visit.

Jiang Shaomei gazed at Yan Rusheng as though she was reading his expression. She began to speak slowly. “I intend to get a secretary for Yanting so that Aunt Hua could travel with Yanting to take care of her. Yanting led a pampered and sheltered life and she has never been alone before. Even when she was overseas, she had people to wait on her.”

Yan Rusheng spoke without hesitation or any thinking. “President Jiang, I can understand that you’re worried about your daughter. But she will take over Paramount eventually and being independent is something she has to learn. Besides that, she is the general manager of Flourish & Prosper. That’s an important position.”

He deflected Jiang Shaomei’s suggestion of adding more people into Flourish & Prosper effortlessly.

It rendered Jiang Shaomei speechless for a while.

If she insisted on adding more people to assist Xin Yanting, Yan Rusheng would jump to the conclusion that Xin Yanting wasn’t up to the job as the general manager.

The future successor of Paramount couldn’t even handle matters on her own. It certainly didn’t sound acceptable.

Jiang Shaomei had the notion that Yan Rusheng would agree to her suggestion since she had came to see him personally—to think he had rejected her so effortlessly.

How would she take it lying down? When she left, her expression was brooding and solemn.

Yan Rusheng sent Jiang Shaomei to the door. As he watched her, his eyes turned cold once more.

Yan Rusheng had no idea how long he was asleep. He only felt as if he had just laid on the bed before the children’s cries jolted him awake.

He pulled the blanket over his head in mild irritation to cover his face and ears.

A second later, Xuxu kicked him. “Yan Rusheng, they’re awake.”

“Argh.” Yan Rusheng flipped over and continued pretending to be asleep.

He was really going bonkers because of these two fellows!

He had just fallen asleep.

Xuxu continued to kick him and commanded, “Get up now!”

She grinned to herself.

Yan Rusheng waved his hands at her and snapped, “Just let him cry.”

Xuxu’s face fell instantly. “Aren’t they your children?”

They were his children and they must either be hungry or needed a change of diapers. How could he say that?

“All right, I got it.” Yan Rusheng sat upright, looking frustrated.