Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1107 4

Chapter 1107 Yan Rusheng Are You Human? Part Five

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Bai Jing tried to recall the owner of this voice. When she did, annoyance flashed before her eyes. She then turned around and looked at the man who was walking towards her.

“Professor Zhao,” she greeted plainly.

As usual, Zhao Zheng exuded an air of refined charm.

He walked over to her and asked with a smile, “Heading home?”

Bai Jing nodded in agreement. She bowed her head slightly. She didn’t like him either.

He gave off a sinister vibe.

Zhao Zheng asked, “You’re not with Su Yue?”

Bai Jing shook her head slightly. “Nope.”

“Is she still in the hostel?” Zhao Zheng asked, glancing at the third floor.

Bai Jing nodded.

He pressed his lips together, looking disappointed. “I was planning on taking you two out for a meal.”

Bai Jing smiled. “Thank you, Professor Zhao, but we’re both heading home today.”

“Next time,” Zhao Zheng said. He then flipped out his phone and asked, “What’s your phone number?”

Bai Jing didn’t want to give him her number, but he had already taken out his phone. Since she didn’t want to be rude, she recited it for him.

She then said, “Professor Zhao, someone is here to pick me up and is waiting at the gate. I’ll make a move.”

She turned on her heel, ready to leave.

Zhao Zheng smiled and said, “Bai Jing, I’ve seen your grades. Su Yue’s grades are incomparable to yours. You won’t lose to her. Keep up the good work.”

Bai Jing knew that he was trying to sow discord between the two of them, but uncontrollable happiness bubbled within her.

‘Su Yue’s grades are incomparable to yours; You won’t lose to her…’

That’s right, she only lost to her when it came to fate.

She was rich, beautiful and had character, so naturally, she caught everyone’s eye.

Whenever both of them were together, they would always see Su Yue first.

But what could she do?

Su Yue was indeed capable, innocent and kind.


So… Bai Jing smiled at Zhao Zheng. “Sometimes, we still have to resign to our fate.”

She then turned on her heel and walked towards the East gate, not turning back.

When he heard her words, his expression froze.

Why did he feel like she was asking him to resign to his fate?

What fate should he resign to? Resign to the fact that Yan Rusheng was better than him?

The only difference between the two of them was their family background. If they compared anything else, what did Yan Rusheng have that he didn’t?


Zhao Zheng watched her retreating figure.

This little lass—he didn’t believe that he couldn’t find any chinks in her armor.

Zhao Zheng was about to leave when he saw a small figure exiting the dormitory. A smile framed his face. “Su Yue.”

“Oh,” Su Yue remarked when she saw him. She bowed her head, not meeting his eyes.

Zhao Zheng asked, “Going home?”

“Yep,” Su Yue replied, nodding.

Zhao Zheng walked towards her. “Your Third Brother is coming to fetch you?”

Su Yue didn’t answer his question. Instead, she asked, “Professor Zhao, is anything the matter?”

The annoyance on her face was clear as day.

“Nothing, nothing,” Zhao Zheng said, shaking his head. “I was just worried about you after the recent school forum incident. I’ve been wanting to check up on you for some time now, but I’ve been busy.”

The corner of his lips lifted in a mocking smile.

Su Yue didn’t know how to read facial expressions. She solely used her gut feeling. Those whom she liked, she treated well; Those whom she didn’t, she ignored.