Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1108

Chapter 1108 Youve Been Drugged Part One

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She replied, “Thank you, Professor Zhao. I’m fine.”

Su Yue was unaffected by his mention of that incident. Vexed, Zhao Zheng continued, “Those people went overboard, so don’t take it to heart. See how much your third sister-in-law dotes on you? Those who aren’t even illegitimate daughters might not be as blissful as you.”

This time, he intentionally used the words ‘illegitimate daughter’.

He had heard that the little lass was so affected by the rumors that she disappeared for an entire afternoon, giving Yan Rusheng and his gang the fright of their lives.

Su Yue remained expressionless. “Exactly.”

She then turned around to leave.

Zhao Zheng smiled and added, “So you shouldn’t take it to heart.”

Su Yue stopped in her tracks and smiled coldly at Zhao Zheng. “Professor Zhao, where did you get the guts to chase my third sister-in-law?”

The smile on his face went stiff. He froze and his expression fell.

“Compared to my Third Brother, you’re ugly, poor, and short,” Su Yue said with a condescending smile.

Without waiting for his reply, she bounded for the East Gate.

No matter how dim-witted she was, she could still tell that Zhao Zheng was exasperating her on purpose. He had mentioned the words ‘illegitimate daughter’ on purpose—why shouldn’t she scold him?

He wasn’t as good looking as her Third Brother, what more, he was such a nuisance. She didn’t want to talk to him, but he insisted on striking up a conversation.

Nuisance, nuisance, nuisance.

Zhao Zheng almost spouted blood. His face turned red, then went cold.

This little lass, she was a replica of Yan Rusheng—proud, conceited and disrespectful.


When Bai Jing returned home, Lei Yong pulled her into a room. He threw her a pale pink gown. “Since you couldn’t win Miss Su over, you have to behave well today. President Chen will be there as well.”

The gown hit her and she shivered. She didn’t grab it so it fell to the floor.

Lei Yong frowned and gritted his teeth. He glared at her, asking, “What? You’re unwilling?”

Bai Jing clenched her fists, glaring at Lei Yong with hatred. “Why should I listen to you?”

Lei Yong roared. “Because you stepped through the doors of the Lei household. The moment you returned home with your mother, you became a part of the Lei family. It’s only right that you contribute.”

He then pointed at Bai Jing, his eyes widening even more. “Bai Jing, I’m warning you. This will be the last time you’re talking back to me.”

Bai Jing remained adamant. “I don’t want to go. Why must I help your family?”

She felt indignant. Her father raised her for 18 years. Why did she have to sacrifice for someone else’s gain?

Seeing Bai Jing’s stubbornness, Lei Yong seethed with anger. “Feisty now, aren’t you?”

He stretched and grabbed Bai Jing by the neck. Bai Jing’s eyes widened and she felt death grip her.

Immediately, Lei Yong lowered his head and smashed his lips over hers.

Bai Jing felt like puking from disgust. She tried to push Lei Yong away desperately but to no avail.

“Aren’t you acting pure?” Lei Yong asked, gritting his teeth as he ripped her clothes.

Bai Jing shrieked in fear. “Ahh… Don’t… Don’t…”

She shook her head desperately, her tears flowing in fright.

Then the door knocked open from the outside. “Stop!”

A tall and slim woman walked in and witnessed Lei Yong’s actions. Without hesitation, she took off her shoes and hit him with them. “You shameless scoundrel. How dare you do this to Xiaojing.”