Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110 Youve Been Drugged Part Three

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“Go.” Zhang Lihong pushed him away. But she enjoyed his touch and snuggled into his arms, unraveling quickly.

They held the government event in a normal hotel with no lavish furnishings.

They didn’t serve expensive wine, abalone or sea cucumber. But all the guests were respectable big shots from the capital city.

Out of the group of Young Masters, Yan Rusheng was late.

He came directly from the office, so he was wearing the same clothes that he had on earlier. The moment he entered, all eyes were on him. Everyone greeted him as they walked by.

He nodded slightly. He walked towards Lu Yinan and the group.

Lu Yinan looked at Yan Rusheng and asked with a smile, “Didn’t you say that you’re not coming?”

Yan Rusheng glared at him. “I have you guys to thank for that.”

If they hadn’t mentioned the event in front of Xuxu, about the new committee secretary, how would she know about it? How would she force him to come?

But it wasn’t considered ‘forcing’; rather it was a form of persuasion—and with a kiss.

Mm. Happiness filled his heart almost immediately.

“Have you become your wife’s slave?” Lu Yinan flashed him a smile full of mockery as he rested one arm on his shoulder and a wineglass in his other hand. “If Xuxu wanted you to go left, you wouldn’t dare to go right.”

Yan Rusheng smiled, composed. “You can’t even be your wife’s slave.”

He hit Young Master Lu’s sore spot and his expression fell.


Those around him laughed.

Everyone knew that Young Master Lu was chasing Zhou Shuang.

Of course, they knew that he was only doing it because she was pregnant with his three children. His family left him with no choice.

Someone else joined in to mock Lu Yinan. “My father met your grandfather the other day. Your grandfather said that if you don’t marry Zhou Shuang before she gives birth, they should strike your name off the Zhou family tree.”

Young Master Lu glared at him. “Quit rubbing my nose in it.”

“Have you seen him?” He then changed the topic and pointed at a middle-aged man not too far off. “The new committee secretary, dispatched here from City A. I heard that he’s an impartial and incorruptible official.”

“Is that President Chen who’s talking to him?” someone asked, pointing at the slightly plump man standing beside the committee secretary.

Someone nodded. “Yup, that old pervert.”

“How do you know that he’s a pervert?”

“An insider told me he ‘visited’ two women when he went abroad on a business trip.”

“Must’ve felt good.”

“Exactly, I haven’t tried it before.”

The more they discussed, the more sexual the topic became.

Yan Rusheng was fine, but for Ming Ansheng, who hadn’t looked for women in quite some time, it made him… red in the face. It got his blood pumping.

The few young masters heatedly discussed while Yan Rusheng eyed them with disdain. He didn’t want to associate himself with them so he started walking towards the new committee secretary.

Ming Ansheng followed behind him.

“President Yan, President Ming.”

When they were still some distance away, the lecherous President Chen whom they were discussing earlier smiled as he walked over to greet them.

Ming Ansheng smiled faintly. “President Chen.”

Yan Rusheng was known as the most arrogant and haughty, so of course, he didn’t bother with the pleasantries. At most, he gave a glance.

His hands were tucked into his tuxedo pockets as he walked past President Chen. He went straight to the new secretary.