Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1112 4

Chapter 1112 Youve Been Drugged Part Five

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“Oh, she must be outstanding,” President Chen praised. “I had a meal with your principal not too long ago. My company manufactures all the receipts in your school.”

He sounded so arrogant.

Ming Ansheng smirked mockingly. “That’s too low class.”

“Is there even any class?” Yan Rusheng refuted, rolling his eyes. He then turned around and said to Secretary Wang, “Secretary Wang, I’ll make a move first.”

He started walking back towards Lu Yinan and the rest.

Ming Ansheng watched Yan Rusheng and shook his head. If they compared the sharpness of the tongue, he would lose to Yan Rusheng by a mile.

He hurriedly greeted the secretary and followed Yan Rusheng.

Both of them walked by Bai Jing.

Bai Jing lifted her head just in time to see Yan Rusheng walk past. Shock filled her face, then panic.

Yan Rusheng was in the crowd earlier, so she wasn’t able to see him. But now that he appeared before her, she felt so ugly and inferior.

Because today she was… she was a sacrifice for Lei Yong’s gain.

Yan Rusheng’s gaze swept over Bai Jing. Bai Jing lowered her head upon seeing him, so he didn’t stop in his tracks.

But Ming Ansheng did. He smiled at her. “Bai Jing.”

Bai Jing nodded, replying softly, “Young Master Ming.”

She slowly lifted her head to look at him.

Ming Ansheng talked to her as though nobody was around. “You’re not in school, so has Yueyue returned home?”

Bai Jing nodded. “Yup, she said she would.”

Lei Yong saw Ming Ansheng having a conversation with Bai Jing and it pleasantly surprised him. He asked Bai Jing, “Xiaojing, you know President Ming?”

He looked at Ming Ansheng, trying to curry favor with him.

But Ming Ansheng didn’t even look at him. Still looking at Bai Jing, he said, “Yan Rusheng, Lu Yinan and myself are over there with the others. When you’re free, I’ll introduce you to them.”

Bai Jing nodded and agreed.

Ming Ansheng smiled and walked back towards the group.

“Bai Jing, how do you know President Ming?” Lei Yong asked her excitedly. He was very surprised to know that Bai Jing knew Ming Ansheng.

She plainly replied, “He’s friends with Su Yue’s third sister-in-law.”

She had purposely mentioned ‘Su Yue’s third sister-in-law’ to avoid saying Yan Rusheng’s name. She felt like she was unworthy to even mention his name.

He was so elegant and refined, yet she was…

The more she thought about it, the lower she bowed her head. She wanted to crawl into a hole.

“President Lei, I booked a private room upstairs. You’re welcome to have a seat later,” President Chen said to Lei Yong. “I see some familiar faces. I’m going over to greet them.”

Lei Yong nodded and agreed.

After President Chen left, Lei Yong held Bai Jing’s waist and pushed her forward. “If you win Miss Su over, you don’t have to play up to President Chen that old fogey.”

Bai Jing bowed her head in silence. Her grip on her bag tightened and her gaze was filled with hatred.

“The look Lei Yong gives Bai Jing seems inappropriate,” Ming Ansheng said when he returned to the group. They were chatting happily, but he didn’t forget to observe Bai Jing.

Because she was Su Yue’s good friend—her only friend.

Given his intellect, how could he not tell what was on Lei Yong’s mind?

However, there was nothing much he could do.

Yan Rusheng sipped on his red wine, glancing over at Bai Jing and Lei Yong, but he remained silent.